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What is your favorite trait?

Just as the title says, what is your favorite trait in the game and why?


  • Whaou. I think it's very hard to pick one single trait (out of 60 per professions to recall) as favorite. Combination are strong.

    As a warrior, if I should pick up one:
    I would go for axe mastery. Because axe is cool and powerful. I'm a lot into dual wielding, nearly all of my pve builds except for berserker use them. Also, to have the bonus with the two sets is very nice as well. As a fan of axes, it's axe mastery then.

    Others mentions:

    • Sun and moon style (close to win)
    • might makes right (very nice sustain)
    • magebane tether (powerful and synergy with might makes right so you have virtually anything)
    • forceful greatsword (nice boost for my main pvp weapon)
    • reckless dodge
    • Dual wielding (yeah, i'm weird but i like arms, and it's makes axes and maces so much smoother)
    • fast hands (every warrior know why)
    • king of fires (because burning is so cool)
    • guard counter (because i've waited for years that the warrior have a source of protection)
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    Yeah, I stream once in a blue moon.

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    Evasive arcana

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    Rousing Resillience because its as op as it gets

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    Elementalist: Evasive Arcana
    Mesmer: Prismatic Understanding
    Necromancer: Transfusion

    Engineer: Purity of Purpose
    Ranger: Quickdraw
    Thief: Merciful Ambush

    Guardian: Pure of Heart
    Revenant: Charged Mists
    Warrior: Fast Hands

    These are not necessarily BiS picks, but traits I consider very interesting and fun. Of these, I'd probably say Transfusion is my favorite if running Scourge, but I hardly ever play Necro. Port rezzing people is so fun.

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    If I had to chose one it would be mesmer's malicious sorcery (scepter trait). Because despite it's lack of popularity I love mesmer's scepter and an increase of attack speed on the scepter is invaluable.

    Elementalist: fresh air. It's a build defining trait that truly exploit elementalist's mechanism.
    Warrior: shield master. The reflect on block is truly nasty.
    Ranger: fortifying bond. My ranger couldn't live without this trait.
    Necromancer: Banshee wail. No comment, I don't like necromancer's trait that much.
    Guardian: radiant fire. I just really like to play with this one.
    Thief: Thrill of crime. Fun thematically and fun to use. (More might stacks on it would be welcome thought)
    Engineer: The old pistol trait that allowed the pistol AA to pierce. Nowaday there is no really thrilling traits.
    Revenant: Charged mist.

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    As a Warrior main, I both love and hate Fast Hands and Warrior’s Sprint.

    They’re both amazing traits which is obviously good, but it also makes Discipline a traitline that no Warrior can do without due to how essential these two traits are for the very basic, core function of the class.

    I wish Fast Hands was just built in as a passive bonus to the class by default. It should.

    Please Anet give us a hide Chest Armour-option. Tattoo-clad Norns everywhere beg of you.

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    Elementalist: Evasive Arcana. A trait that gives dodge 4 new effects
    Engineer: Photonic Blasting Module. A trait that changes a core mechanic and makes it more impactful
    Guardian: Pure of Voice. Changing conditions into boons with your voice!
    Mesmer: Chronophantasma. A trait that almost feels like core mechanic
    Necromancer: Sand Savant. Another trait that changes a core mechanic, one shade but with more power
    Ranger: Quick Draw. This trait feels like core functionality to me by now
    Revenant: I haven't tried Revenant after the recent rework. But Eye for an Eye is one of those traits that I like
    Thief: Used to be Unhindered Combatant before the nerf, now it's Invigorating Precision (let the Thief tank!)
    Warrior: Rousing Resilience and Fast Hands. Can't pick one!

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    Master of Corruption - strong cd reduction on extremely valuable corruption skills and the extra self condies work wonders when converted to boons. Really good trait!

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    It is Lingering Curse now, because it does something that I now believe way more traits should do: It actually replaces a weapon skill with another instead making just a few tweaks.
    I will never like the boring standard weapon bonus like "20%" skill recharge reduction. And they do not even work at all for thieves since they do not have recharges in their weapon skills.
    I love this idea of changing the weapon not with general bonuses, but by replacing skills that change how the weapon is used.

    Imagine the possibilities:

    • Ankle Shots: Without it, Pistol 2 is just "Body Shot" and it merely gives vulnerability and crippled for 3 initiative, equip Ankle Shots, and it gets replaced by an Ankle Shot skill that also causes immobilize to the first target and ricochets to 2 targets behind the first target for 4 initiative.
    • Chemical Rounds: Without it, pistol is the same, equip it, and Glue Shot gets replaced by an Acidic Glue Shot skill that also causes Torment and makes enemies that walk through it leave a trail of acid for 3 seconds that also causes torment and crippled to anyone who walks through it.
    • No Scope: Without it, the engineer rifle autoattack would be renamed to "Long Shot" having the same effects as the current "Hip Shot". When No Scope is equipped, Long Shot gets replaced by a new skill that gets the "Hip Shot" name now and has only 600 range. A cleave attack that hits up to 3 targets in front of the engineer and has 3 ammo. When the skill has 1 ammo left, it flips over to a second skill called "Blast Shot" that hits 5 enemies, has increased damage, and recharges the ammo of the skill with a short animation.
    • Soul Marks: When equipped, the staff autoattack could be replaced by Soul Grasp -> Soul Sever -> Soul Mark , a 3-skill chain autoattack
      • Soul Grasp throws a dark hand projectile similar to Necrotic Graps, but faster and it only hits 1 enemy, gaining 5% life force.
      • Soul Sever throws a dark scythe projectile, hitting 3 targets, and getting 6% life force from each.
      • Soul Mark leaves a small 180 radius mark under the target, the mark can hit up to 5 enemies and gains 7% life force from each (this already includes the 3% life force bonus and unblockable from Soul Marks)
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    Now: fresh air and might makes right

    Back in the day:


    Decap engi I miss u :'(

    This forum is boring as kitten

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    Elementalist lingering elements. Never worked (not as tooltip said anyway) and now gone. Otherwise it would be elemental attunement. Making it baseline for self would give it a real class mechanic. And open up more possibilities.

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    Photonic Blasting Module for me. Kinda sad it makes everything else pale in comparison but it's really good.

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    Justice is blind

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    Chill Of Death (Reaper).

    It takes a lot of otherwise normal abilities and transforms them into a completely new purpose. It's a true Build Enabler. Using it completely remakes the way you think about the class.

  • I LOVE the Engineer's Juggernaut in conjunction with Backpack Regenerator. Perma stability with a constant fluxuating 16-18 stacks of might! I don't care that it's mediocre damage, I survive with Scrapper's tanky barrier traits 😉

    I only wish that GW2 would be in a similar vein as GW1 by allowing you to maybe use one trait line from another class. I would LOVE to utilize Might Makes Right on my Flame-throwing Scrapper!

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    hey cool post. so heres mine:

    necro: signets of suffering. this trait puts signets on a really low cd. spend 12 seconds in shroud and your signets are now on 10-15 sec cds. its kinda insane.
    rev: versed in stone. jalis elite gets -50% dmg from power and condi now. biggest tanky trait in the game, love it.
    guard: shattered aegis. considered a trash trait, but kitten it does good dmg. 2.5-3k per aegis. on fb that's a lot of extra pressure, with mace/shield + mantra heal + two daring challenges that's up to 21k lol.

    Te lazla otstra.

  • Juggernaut and Stone Heart.

    Gotta love not being able to be critically hit in WvW as a celestial ele. Game actually feels somewhat balanced when I have it on, very rarely does anything hit me for more then 2000.

    Juggernaut, I love flamethrower on engie. I wish we could style it or do something to make it look cool as well as getting rid of retaliation boon as a whole.

  • Might makes right!

    Because this trait was one of the best examples for good trait design:

    • It uses synergies to the whole trait line with using generated might.
    • It adds an sustain aspect to an offensive trait line what makes it viable for some new builds and an new play style (perma dodge warrior...)
    • It doesn't bring tons of boons, damage and shiny effects
    • It competes with Berserkers Power, one of the strongest warrior traits and change the game play of the same build a lot (GS+A/Sh in PvP/WvW)
    • It gave me a bit of hope and trust in A-Net back, that they are really able to design cool skills and traits

    tbh it was a shame that they reduced the adrenaline gain to 2, but 5 was to much... they should set it to 3, just to see how it works!

  • Definitely parasitic contagion as it enables a completely unique playstyle while meshing well with necromancers kit (best on scourge since it clashes with shroud).
    Infinite Horizon and Deathly Chill come close as both are also build enabling traits that transform a professions playstyle for the better.

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    My favorite trait is Chronophantasma, ironically though I only play Mirage :expressionless:

  • I LOVED Peripheral Vision on my Deadeye and am so upset that they got rid of it. My favorite trait now is Elemental Surge, prolly.

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    I actually have only a favorite kind of trait not particular single one.
    Stuff like body blows, panic strikes, abyssal chill and deadly chill are one of the best traits IMO. Traits that couple soft CC/ strong CC and debuff conditions with dmg condis grant huge amounts of build diversity. Sure not optimal or super strong stuff but variety.
    With abyssal chill i can use my swords as secondary condi weapons and i currently work on a hybrid sword panic strike DD build.
    Hybrid traits are awesome.

  • @Cirrus.7413 said:
    I LOVED Peripheral Vision on my Deadeye and am so upset that they got rid of it.

    I hear that...

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    Hidden Killer.

    It's a fantastic capstone and opens up tons of stat possibilities/creates consistency while introducing a definitive pro/con to other options and builds, all the while not being oppressive or anti-fun to play against.

    You sure that Sniper idea is as good as you thought it was gonna be?
    Because I think my original idea is better.
    Quit/Inactive. No, you can't have my stuff.

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    Orbital Strike for sure. Who doesn't love random, explosive bombardment from the sky on the mobs you're fighting?

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    That's a tough choice. Personally I like traits that change the function and feel of a skill or skills. Thus most are fine but dont really stand out for me. Lingering Curse comes to mind since it changes the feast of corruption into devouring darkness which against one foe doesn't make a difference but against a group it becomes extremely potent which I enjoy. But it's an overall improvement, it doesn't fundamentally change the function of the skill. For that I'd say the daredevil's grandmaster traits are probably my favorite conceptually and I'd like to see extreme mechanical changing traits like that for future elite specializations. I'd also love to see sand savant fundamentally change how the shade is supposed to function as opposed to just a bigger shade. As it stands now, Sand Savant is one of my least favorite traits but one I yearn to see changed to function more as a support trait like it was promised.

  • I play multiple classes so I really can't pinpoint one single trait but here's one for each class I play.

    Thief: Invigorating Precision; When combined with Malice Signet, I become a 1 v x tank.
    Warrior: Unsuspecting Foe; If I can keep someone stun locked, I pretty much have 100% crit chance especially with hammer and the damage can be crazy.
    Elementalist: Lightning Rod; Playing mostly staff, I find it nice to be able to supplement damage with cc for consistency when I chain combos.
    Guardian: Retribution; I like to play guardian super-glassy so this trait fits right into my playstyle
    Engineer: HGH; I always have the feeling of playing a TF2 scout when running around with a rife that works like a shotgun and elixrs.

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    Oof this is tough, I'm gonna have to go with Infinite Horizon.

    Thematically and visually it's both satisfying and beautiful and really ought to be the foundation mechanic mirage is built around rather than an option.

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    Streamlined Kits. I love to make use of this to its full extent.

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