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Achievement Points

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I'm going to quote Mike here since the other thread was closed for splitting discussions.

Living World Episodes are given a range of achievement points to distribute throughout the episode. Our goal is not to blow out the point totals that players can earn between releases. This does constrain us to sometimes imbalanced point totals for various tasks. APs aren't the only reward on an achievement however, so sometimes that gets balanced around whether or not it is "required" for meta achievement completion, or just a bonus, or they'll have unique rewards. It is our goal to prevent rapid inflation of players' achievement point totals.


Thanks Mike for responding. I do feel this is heavily unbalanced at the moment and I'm not really sure why the heavy inconsistency or the reason to care about any inflation given festivals easily give +5, +10 ap. Why would giving a Legendary boss be considered for 1 ap for example given the time/effort ratio? Sure there are other things about that event that make it worthwhile, but 1 single ap? Why not 5 as normal? I just did a story based achievement and got 3 and that took about 10 seconds and happens as part of the course.

I'm utterly confused by the strategy and goal, largely because there is no consistency in the whole system. Why is 1 AP a thing at all? Any gap between players is largely irrelevant since GW2 is set up for players to drop in/out at any time and plenty of achievements (ls1, festival etc) are time sensitive anyway. I really hope we can return to a fairer and more rewarding system going forward. At this point any realistic gains on the AP reward track are going to take many, many years. That seems to be a barrier that doesn't really sit well with how GW2 generally works.

I look forward to further context

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