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Changes to developer celebration

What was the reasoning for the celebration to be held exclusively on the forums and not as usual on reddit? Many people don't like the moderation on this forum, as it often feels very restrictive in contrast to far more open discussions on reddit.



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    Just curious about the change of location especially since the reddit format (upvoting popular questions/comments) seems like a better fit for tons of general questions about an update and isn't really replicated on a traditional forum like this.

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    We believe that the best place to hold a discussion is in our own house. I'm sorry if you, or others, disagree with our moderation standards. Contrary to commonly-stated opinions, we don't "remove all negative comments"or restrict feedback, as long as it's reasonable and constructive. You can prove that we're not excising all negative comments for yourself by reading through these forums for just 3 minutes...or less. :D As I've said before, we don't remove comments that disagree with us, or where two members disagree with one another -- we try to remove only the truly disagreeable.

    Other places have different standards, and may set a different expectation for participation. There's room in the world for all kinds of media, after all, and we'll continue to participate in a variety of places, as the situation supports.

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