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Branded theme & short feedback on E4

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Can we please kill Kralkatorrik as soon as possible? It’s so sad to see all these beautiful maps being destroyed by the branded theme. Really Jahais Bluffs could have easily been the most beautiful map in the desert so far but the brand had to ruin it once again. Also I was hugely disappointed how the beautiful theme of the Sandswept Isles got destroyed by the Inquest theme. I for once would love to get a new map which is not toxified by enemy themes.
I also loved the Jungle Anomaly! I loved that we finally got to use masteries from other episodes/expansions on a new map. Even if there wasn’t even really a point to use the mushrooms, it’s just nice to utilize masteries we‘ve earned in the past in new maps.

The story was very fun and I absolutely lost it at the magic mushroom forest if you wanna call it like that :D
I appreciate the amount of content from this release. I to be honest have to say that the other releases didn’t give much reason to ever revisit the new map after you‘ve finished the story, after about 2 hours I have never been on the new maps from E1-3 again, however now I feel like I have a lot to do via the new armor achievements already & Sun‘s refuge is gorgeous, there is so much going on. Well done!

(Also can we please get the Assassin Vabbian armor set from GW1 as an outfit maybe? Sorry if that’s off topic!^^)



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    Well, if you want Kralk dead, your motivations sync up with your character's pretty well, so that's good =) I personally find the brand to be a cool break in the map, but I also understand wishing the beauty of Elona was tact.

    I'm really glad you liked the displaced areas - a lot of work went into them to make them feel like areas that had been pulled from somewhere else. Everything involved in them - the environment, spawns, sound effects, and music - when through a lot of iteration. And yes, it was nice to give people an outlet for all their HoT masteries - in only made sense when trying to make it feel like their region.

    And of course, the Mushroom area is a clear favorite. Andrew Gray initially came up with that sequence, and then I ran with it a bit (Christmas Faren...). It gave us an excuse to be a little goofy in a very dire situation.

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    I definitely enjoyed HoT masteries again. I wish we could get updrafts more often, not as the only path necessarily but an option

    I'd rather keep going.. wherever the wind takes us