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Raid release schedule

As the new raid wing is a part of this release I'm asuming that questions about it are fair game? Is so I would love to know wether the current release schedule of just barely below 300 days is something the development team would deem "too slow", too fast", or "just right". If it's too slow I would like to know what prevented it from being released sooner and what steps are being taken to speed up the process. If it's too fast I would like to know what, in your eyes, is the optimal release schedule for raid wings.



  • Ultimately, we try to ensure that time spent in development pays off in the quality of content.
    In terms of speeding up the process, we strive to improve our design methodologies so that we can implement and iterate at a faster rate. That in itself is our challenge, as playtesting and iteration take a variable amount of time per raid, and per encounter. Given our relatively small team size, it simply takes time to reach that point of satisfaction in our content.
    I speak from the design perspective, but regarding Art, Audio, Narrative - we all hold such high standards for quality and cohesion in our content that it's an ongoing challenge to streamline our process to deliver at a more optimal cadence.