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  • HnRkLnXqZ.1870HnRkLnXqZ.1870 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 22, 2018

    It was a very weird roller coaster ride, even for LS standards: too many plot twists, too many crazy plans and too many heroic moments. I know the commander is supposed to be the hero of Tyria but at certain points it was quite ridiculous.

    Impressive job with the Deadeye! Creating a good guy in a story is sort of cheap and easy to be achieved. But creating a bad guy which is disliked and even hated by the audience is quite difficult to make. Given the fact that we had one story instance only and reading through all the comments about her here, in the other threads and ingame - really good job. Every person complaining about her is a compliment for the developers.

    I've seen the new barrier and tested it on a few maps, quite impressive. With a little luck it is impenetrable this time. It is technically not part of the LS, but I do not feel to spam the forum with another thank-you thread. Thanks for the barrier.

    I am a little confused about Snaff. As far as I recap, there were theories about him being either a necromancer or a mesmer. But that weapon he was wielding does not suit to any of these.

    Going to enjoy exploring the map in detail now and doing all the funny quests in the new instance. A really big thanks for carrying over all the stuff I collected in LS 3. I can finally get rid of my exalted portal stone. It was really nice to see all the items I've collected back then.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I really liked all these rifts, and these new creatures riftstalkers a mix between karkas and chaks... Amazing loved them! Also awesome jobs about the anomalies around the maps and their events! They can summon ruins and trees!! I hope in the future episodes we will see portals, rifts and weird areas too! And maybe more of mists, teleportation between rifts? Ability to fly with glider or mounts through portal? That's it I'm waiting to see more of that, great work on these points again.

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  • notebene.3190notebene.3190 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Nice, Library!

    Keep finding all sorts of things. This is the most fun I've had since PoF came out. Thanks again!

    In the event I don't get a chance, thank you all for the company and help when I needed it from time to time.

  • Can we PLEASE get a way to replay the Shattered Nation instance for achievements without going through the entire summit dialog over and over and over?

  • eduardo.1436eduardo.1436 Member ✭✭✭

    To be honest how much more can I praise? Exceptional story, cried....a lot, map has interesting areas and mechanics, good metas, and completely biased but thank you for including my fav character in the game, hope to see the Tron golem again :) That aside all in all I really like the episode, now off to complete collections. Thank you.

  • I think I only have good things to say about this ep. It wasn't a huge smash hit like Long Live The Lich but it was just generally Good on all fronts.

    • Such strong themes, making a kind of nexus of all the character deaths and punching us with that. Thanks! Hits especially hard after the light humour we got with Joko.
    • I felt the Eir part was a little rehash-y of an earlier conversation with Braham over why she didn't raise him, but it's okay, that was a while back. It's such a good way to round up his rebellion arc and give him closure, and the cinematic where Eir steps out of the Mists? Oh god my heart.
    • A gradually upgradable safehouse type place with all kinda of intricate NPC interactions? Boi you guys are just catering to me directly arentcha.
    • I didn't really have any thoughts about Snaff before this episode, however I NOW LOVE HIM
    • Liked the sniper mission! I really appreciate all the times (like stealth missions) that effort goes into changing things up. I also like meeting someone whose life was impacted by our actions in a bad way, I like anything that doesn't paint the Commander as an infallible hero.
    • Blish. I'm not sure if it felt a BIT overwrought to name an episode after the guy - sad as it may be - however I commend the efforts you've obviously gone through to avoid creating throwaway characters just for the death impact. Belinda and Blish occupy complete opposide sides of the scale. I feel like I should have seen it coming (and I didn't!) with the amount of foreshadowing, having Blish become a follower to you for a while, having a blaring 'THEY'RE PROTECTIVE OF EACH OTHER' sign over him and Gorrik... do you know how many times I'd listened to 'Blish's Sorrow' 'cause it's a total jam, only for that to kick me in the butt here?
    • Final instance oh my god the realising of reality falling apart. The sheer drama. Trying to outrun a nightmare cloud as it envelopes everything. The audacity
    • It was ALMOST a tired cliche to have Gorrik interrupt you and not let you inform him and Taimi-- but to realise he already knows and just didn't want you to say it. That was so real.
    • Didn't even play GW1 but I love Koss and am so glad he's back. Put him in the guild! I want him to sign my Koss on Koss!
    • I also found that desert fox like 20 minutes into the map and needed to dedicate my LIFE to finding out how to feed it

    And here's my short bunch of other things that aren't praise

    • I don't want Braham to end up like Caithe, constantly being kicked and having to apologise. It was fine this once, but Caithe kinda ended up in a weird 'we will NEVER trust you again' despite what she did not really being that bad. I know Braham did impulsive things and needed his mother's words to rein him in, but I really liked his position as the group's contrary opinion. It's fine for him to disagree with us. The Commander can handle that. We don't need to be grovelled to for forgiveness. Constantly.
    • Aside from that the amount of genuine character moments was LOVELY PLEASE DO MORE OF THAT. Taimi's admission (I didn't even realise we can't appear in the cutscene until days after, how weird is that), Braham getting past his issues, this is exactly what I want, and I hope we get more for some other characters too! Particularly say, Rox and Canach. I have nothing against the importance of Taimi and Braham, I'd just like to mix in my other faves for the same treatment.
    • I'm disappointed there wasn't anything in the upper inside of Kodonur Temple? I got in there thinking it was a secret, whoops.

    Ty devs for all your work as always \o/

  • My biggest problem with the new map is that if you end up falling off the mount, you have to fight the entire map to get back on it. The enemy density in places is really thick, but they also have incredibly long range attacks and aggro range. This means that, when you go to kill a far-off enemy to break combat, you'll aggro everyone next to that enemy, then you'll aggro everyone next to those enemies, and so on. It can get really tedious.

    Otherwise, everything is fine. The story was good, the environments were good, music was good, the new shatterer fight is fun, although I don't know what any of the pre-events are. I haven't done any of the collections yet.

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  • Pifil.5193Pifil.5193 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 27, 2018

    For me this has been the best episode yet.

    I avoided spoilers so I had a fantastic experience running through the story, stumbling into the jungle was a huge surprise (I love having uses for the HoT masteries again, great idea!) and traveling into "Orr" was great but the mushroom cave was the highlight for me. It was so much fun and the hallucinations were perfect. Didn't care much for our character letting a murderous Deadeye off scot-free, she should have been captured and imprisoned, IMO, she should have to prove herself to us, not the other way around. Glad to see Braham come back into the fold.

    Sun's Refuge is a lovely little instance with some great quest-like collections and I'd love to see more like that. I'd prefer to see that kind of content added through the story journal or some kind of dedicated quest log rather than the collections as the collections themselves act as spoilers. I'd also prefer more dialogue leading you around the quests. It doesn't have to be voiced but I think it would be much better to be told through in-game dialogue where, for example, an awakened memorial was instead of reading it off a tool tip. It was sad to see Blish go so soon, I enjoyed running around with him in the open world.

    The new shatterer is a lot of fun.

    For me the only real downside is the decision to use the Sigil of Nullification for the skin collection (and so many of them), that doesn't seem to have been well thought out (also there's the fact that the upgradeable armour was just fancier skins, not actual upgraded armour).

  • notebene.3190notebene.3190 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Not sure why 4.3 is still a sticky and 4.4 is free to roam in the wild, but I digress.

    I really like that Desert Fox pet and the one in the Refuge. It would be nice to have all those interactions out in the open world, and consider doing it for more future pets.

    In the event I don't get a chance, thank you all for the company and help when I needed it from time to time.

  • Menadena.7482Menadena.7482 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 29, 2018

    @Gaile Gray.6029 I Just did the first instance (a bunch of RL stuff delayed me). LOVING that there is more of an emphasis on the story and it is not just 'can you tackle this big bad'. [See people, vets/lower can be fun.] Hopefully the rest of the story is the same. Yes, you can do it with a group to make it easier but there are always people in the group who want to race through and you can not take the time you would like to spend. I did die once but that was partly due to doing something stupid.

    edit: Also great we finally get a map connected to another map!

    New to the game? Feel free to give a yell if you need PVE help.

  • only a little issue with map exploration, puting a POI closed by a time gated non metaevent is annoying in regard of exploration efficiency. make the POI obtainable by aproaching gate or make the event mapwide anounced, completing the map and having to wait a long time to the event spawn is truly annoying

  • Tyson.5160Tyson.5160 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @megilandil.7506 said:
    only a little issue with map exploration, puting a POI closed by a time gated non metaevent is annoying in regard of exploration efficiency. make the POI obtainable by aproaching gate or make the event mapwide anounced, completing the map and having to wait a long time to the event spawn is truly annoying

    Ah yeah, that Poi. Easier just to complete the first instance.

  • Menadena.7482Menadena.7482 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Gaile Gray.6029 Parts of the story in the open world? Were the devs copying all my suggestions? :)

    New to the game? Feel free to give a yell if you need PVE help.

  • Can you rework the kitten freaking raptor jumping puzzle at the end?

    I HATE those kitten JP and putting one INTO an instance is the most stupid idea you ever had so far. Been at it for one hour now, and I always dies one way or another. If this is your idea of fun, it's not mine.

    Too bad this JP junk ruins and otherwise very well done LS episode.

  • Cyrin.1035Cyrin.1035 Member ✭✭✭
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    By far one the best episodes of Season 4 and a return to what I love about GW 2.

    This is what I would call a PROPER living world episode. You can feel the weight of how much more the developers have in store. It was packed full of quality content, instead of stretched thin and hollow. This is an episode that will last. As soon as I finished it, I wanted to play it over again. They achieved the right balance with this episode. It was the right length with many significant things taking place. The most important thing for me was that the story would return to focus and we'd move past the filler. Not only did they return to the main story but they also properly closed the filler story with Joko in a way that gave it importance without total exclusion.

    They have moved several plot lines along with multiple characters, all of them in a satisfying way. They introduced new ways of doing previous mechanics and in a way that is fun and moved the story along. All of the instances and sequences were different and exciting. They have once again created an experience and something new in GW 2 that makes us wonder and imagine what they could do next. That end sequence brought me back to the feeling I had when GW 2 was at its peak best. The idea of an Elder Dragon in the Mists is a brilliant idea and opens up so many more possibilities for what could happen in the story. There were surprises and revelations throughout. I loved the idea of Maguuma showing up in the desert.

    I can't stand that Braham is still around and the devs are on a crusade to make him likable and to justify his character, but this episode has done a decent job in at least making him somewhat tolerable. I still want him in the Mists with his mother.

    The devs and everyone involved have really shined on this episode. This is what I have been waiting for. A WIN for GW 2 after several recent, major fails. This is the new bar. Don't go back. Keep going up.


  • Warlord.9082Warlord.9082 Member ✭✭✭

    I would like Travel to Sun's Refuge portal scroll to end up inside the actual refuge rather than still a minutes travel away after using it.

  • Randulf.7614Randulf.7614 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited September 30, 2018

    @Warlord.9082 said:
    I would like Travel to Sun's Refuge portal scroll to end up inside the actual refuge rather than still a minutes travel away after using it.

    As a temp workaround, if you use it again inside you will be ported to the middle. I think they said they are sorting it long term tho

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  • The map is pretty good, but the story is just... why.
    It's like the writers discovered the Ex Machina cliche when they started working on this episode, and just HAD to use it in every scene. Almost every chapter had an Ex Machina moment. I felt like Cinamasins should have been narrating the episode.

  • Tarlonniel.6534Tarlonniel.6534 Member ✭✭✭

    Amazing: The GW1 callbacks. Snaff. Aurene. Peace negotiations. Weird time-space anomalies. The main plot finally showing back up.

    Not amazing: The jumping puzzle (&^%$%#^&). Most of the commander's companions, still. Can I take Aurene, Canach and Faren and start my own group? Team "These ones I like, please don't kill them"? (RIP Trahearne :'( )

  • Opopanax.1803Opopanax.1803 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Liked the deadeye and also clearing the spiders.

    The raptor jumping was different and was fine to do even if I died a bunch.

    I like where the story is going. No real clue what is going to happen next.


    Gorrik "saved" his brother and will make another copy of him.

    Taimi is going to absorb energy and become a godess when she kills kralk. Haha.

  • Urud.4925Urud.4925 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Gaile Gray.6029 said:

    Please share your high-level feedback about Episode 4 of Living World Season 4: A Star to Guide Us. If you can provide a synopsis here, that would be appreciated, maybe around 50 words or so?

    Bug reports can go into a Bug Report Thread specifically intended for the reports of any issues or bugs. It is posted in the Bugs Subforum and linked in the previous sentence.

    There was already a thread about it here, in case you want to include it. I feel a bit cheap/spammer to copy/paste my previous comment. Also there were good articulated feedback.

  • Tyger.1637Tyger.1637 Member ✭✭✭

    It was mostly interesting till the Deadeye fight (pre-adjustments) and the ending slammed me due to the instancing bug that put a halt to me proceeding further at the time.

    Little disappointed with Sun's Refuge; it's short-term fluff content which while good just feels a bit lacklustre that it won't be a Sunspear 'Guild Hall' long-term (I know, it can be revisited in future story instances just like Rata Novus was). Alliviated by no material costs

    Abandonded pursuit of the Requiem skins due to the now exorbitant costs for the sigil. A collection for everyone (and a selling point for the episode) should not be gated by RNG.

  • xenon.3264xenon.3264 Member ✭✭✭

    would ve been perfect living story if if were not for the sigil of nullification stuff. nice map, nice living story fight, nice heart quest . but the nullification stuff stopped me for caring about the map itself after boots and leggins.

    ah least let us skip parts. i do not care about gloves , shoulders or LOL head i'd just need chest but i refuse to pay tp flippers for this.

    it's a feedback thread but which feedback are you providing on this issue ? none. this is so sad

  • Gin.5427Gin.5427 Member ✭✭

    From what I can remember:

    • Aurene is too tired for all of this, but by God she's going to do it. Please anet let us give our large daughter a hug. I'm begging you.
    • Braham's development is soooo welcome. I'm so glad he's done pulling an Anakin Skywalker over his absent mother and her unfortunate death. It's felt natural over the episodes.
    • I miss Canach, Marj, and Kas :c
    • I adore Blish
    • Not so much Gorrik, but he's still a great character
    • Maps aren't terribly memorable for me. But I'm a casual player who plays for the interactive story. Unless there's storytelling in the details of an area, I probably don't care.

    On to what I didn't like. At all.

    • When will the writing teams for GW2 learn that character death isn't intrinsically valuable? From Zhaitan to the current season. Tegwen dies for no reason. Trahearne's death was shoe horned in (right after he became a fun character kitten?). A number of characters I don't even remember. Your mentor. And now? Blish? Give me a BREAK like that guy wouldn't have brought an extra set of batteries. You cannot hand me an intelligent character who thus far has been shown to be hyper competent, then tell me he kills himself because he neglected to bring batteries/an extra power supply. AND THEN! Turn around and tell us TAIMI our OTHER DAUGHTER is dying. Who's next? Commander has already died. Is Braham going to die? Canach? Everyone?
      **At this point I'm just rolling my eyes and getting angry that the few characters I have connected with are dying pointlessly. **

    • Even if we go back, grab a powered down Blish, and bring him back, it does not change the fact that his sacrifice was treated as a death. It was written as a death. If you kill off all the likeable characters, no one is going to care about your story. Characters can lift a garbage story. And thus far GW2 doesn't have a terribly strong narrative without the characters that have made it interesting.

    • Moving away from the writing. The deadeye-priestess had an absurd difficulty curve. There were parts where I absolutely could not progress. I feel that the level designers shouldn't have to be reminded that this is a rather casual MMO. If you're going to add elements like this, you need to make sure they fit in with the rest of the motor difficulties.
    • That said, please take my criticisms with a grain of salt. I wouldn't be so peeved about Blish if it wasn't such a common thing in the GW2 narrative.

    Suggestions that may or may not be applicable, but things that would make me ridiculously happy to see.

    • Taimi gets a sick robot body
    • Someone dives down Kralkatorrik's throat and pulls out Blish
    • Rytlock gets called out on his kitten
    • Honestly why did Caithe get so much kitten in HoT but Rytlock gets off scott free?
    • We get to call GLINT out on making babies just to burden them with killing the elder dragons and replacing them (bad mom of the eternity award)
    • Rox comes back after being adopted by the Olmahkhan
  • Dreamy Lu.3865Dreamy Lu.3865 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 5, 2018


    • Visual effects causing motion sickness (worst of all: The combination of mounting and visual effects in last instance of the story).
    • Again an area overcrowded with foes. That's one more area not friendly for returning later to enjoy casual exploring.
    • No real JP.
    • Too many invisible walls in this area. We are allowed to climb up almost everywhere and get stopped... That's a bit frustrating.


    • The variety and big amount of available achievements.
    • Sun's refuge.
    • The Jungle Anomaly: Thanks for that bit of green.
    • The dispatch of the foes is well balanced. Some zones are more difficult than others, but crossing over the area with mounts is reasonably possible (it's not in conflict with my negative point above. If we come to area for a specific activity, things are OK. Casual exploring is something different).

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  • Definitely a big improvement over the last few living world updates. Really made the last few LW installments feel like completely unnecessary filler though. Jokos whole subplot didnt ..really have any impact on anything other than some npc dialog, honestly. You could cut it out entirely and not lose anything.

    Only things I don't particularly care for are the armor collections and Z. The deadeye instance was fine gameplay wise, but I don't really see why my commander had these instant and crippling sympathy pains for her before their fight was even over. Z gets to murder dozens of pact members, then pulls the "we're not friends and im going to keep an eye on you" kitten, then our character just trusts her immediately and doesnt even tell her to chill out a little? Not even a light scolding??

    She reminds me of Livia, for bad reasons. Z might have stood around for .2 seconds in a vision but there was literally nothing to indicate that she has any tactical value whatsoever(other than Obvious Plot), seeing as how aurene still died in said vision. Our character just grafts themselves onto her like an angler fish and I had a hard time not rolling my eyes during most of the scenes with Z.

    Please include some dialog options. They dont need to impact the story or be voiced but its really annoying having a blood legion charr(or any commander for that matter) that takes all this kitten from randos for next to no reason, especially after the rando murdered dozens of pact members and is just generally hostile towards them. At least having the option to comment about it would be nice.

    I would have liked it if each respective race commented on their own hero during the shroom scene. Like instead of everyone defaulting to rytlock they'd say something about logan/caithe/ect. I dunno, would have been a nice touch. ((this is a nitpick tho and I fully acknowledge that lol))

    Also the blish "death" was painfully predictable and I agree with some of the above posts in regards to character death. It feels like anet pulls the plug on them way too fast.

    Overall though, big improvement. Glad that trahearne was FINALLY mentioned. Braham was enjoyable again. the spider fight was good, there was some good humor mixed in with everything and it feels like things are finally rolling along. Map is a lot of fun and exploring it with the roller beetle is great with the stamina mastery.

    this was longer than I wanted it to be and im sorry

  • Purgatori.3645Purgatori.3645 Member ✭✭✭

    @Gaile Gray.6029 said:

    Please share your high-level feedback about Episode 4 of Living World Season 4: A Star to Guide Us. If you can provide a synopsis here, that would be appreciated, maybe around 50 words or so?

    Bug reports can go into a Bug Report Thread specifically intended for the reports of any issues or bugs. It is posted in the Bugs Subforum and linked in the previous sentence.

    I know I'm probably one of the last to weigh in officially on this episode but I absolutely loved it. The entirety of the episode from story to map completion and achievements is expansion worthy. One of my top three favorite LWS episodes yet! Its nice to have so much content and fun between expansions!

    Thank you Anet for this!

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  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 6, 2018

    I loved the fact that story writers/ maps designer took in consideration the other episodes of the season, not only the previous one: Like DERVs an echo to inquest researchs on branded during episode 2 A bug in the system. Hole digger also sell you decos from the first episode,
    daybreak. Without forgetting breakable walls from episode 3.

    Now, a little analysis, I'm sad that Joko isn't the main villain, furthermore he could have been on our side. As some stated on reddit, Joko could have sent mordant crescent in the inhabited and abandonned facility "crucible of eternity", recovering both Kudu's corpse and Subject alpha, awakening them, and use them to protect his army from kralk + commander while experimenting the plague. Kudu would have enjoyed conquering more territory for Inquest ,would have make sense with that whisper agent in rata sum "inquest is preparing something big", indeed, farhanhur gates leading near capitals.
    Would have make a good plot twist where those Asuras + awakened are finally number 1. After some annoyances from kralk, joko have enough of that, and ask for our help and send us some of the latest developped golems. Since he knows our plans to replace kralk and agree with it.

    Ps: We are taking another path so impossible, apart through other realities/universes where joko and kudu survived possible with the rifts apearing now.... not speaking of scarlet and the infinity of possible plots.

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  • STORY:
    The story is ok. I’m not a big story/lore person so I didn’t have high expectations with where that went so the best I can say is I didn’t hate it.

    This map is awesome. it is hands down the best Living Story map we have seen since Silverwastes.

    This mastery works well both thematically with the previous one and does excellent things for improving the usability of the roller beetle and expanding the griffon without totally breaking things.

    I loved having so many of the collections revolve around the Sun’s Refuge as a content hub.

    If there is a bleak part of this release that blackens it, it is the armor collection & the sigil of Nullification debacle.

    Overall I think this is a mostly fantastic release and a template for greater success of other Living Story episodes. If the developers can somehow repair the Sigil misstep this would be unquestionably the high point of the living story season instead of leaving players focused on what they can’t do.

  • I have had plenty of freezes and crashes during this, Cutscenes not working or taking too long, conversations not happening then meshing together with other, text bubbles not appearing at all.

    It killed my enjoyment since some issue or other happened at an interesting scene (Last time I was going to a location and I crashed mid flight so I expect to be dead when I get back on)

  • @Genesis.8572 said:
    I will also add that Braham's apology has not worked with my female flatmates. At this point, they both want Braham gone.

    I felt much the same until the interaction with Eir in this episode. Now I feel for the guy. It's no wonder he's messed up with a parent like that.

  • They just keep coming up with increasingly annoying mechanics to frustrate the player and waste their time.... That deadeye thing. After 6 stupid deaths I nearly rage-quit the instance. After that it was really hard to have any care about whats-her-name that was so sad over Balthazar.

  • I loved this episode so much! Seeing the old maps reimagined is still among my favorite parts of GW2, and Jahai was done beautifully.

    The story was enjoyable, fighting the Deadeye was irritating, and the ending made me bawl. To avoid spoilers, I'll just say I'm in a similar position as Taimi, and it was both cathartic and upsetting.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Fiaile.8791Fiaile.8791 Member
    edited October 15, 2018

    As a person who generally sucks at gaming but tends to solo all storylines, everything in the latest update was simple enough to do but the jumping sequence out of the Mists. I've died like fifty times. I'm not even sure I'm exaggerating at this point. This one section makes me kind of hate the level, even though it has my favorite line about Rytlock's fur. For the love of all things good, make it possible to beat the level if you suck at jumping puzzles. Because that's all it is, a forced unwanted jumping puzzle.

  • @Sir Black.7423 said:
    They just keep coming up with increasingly annoying mechanics to frustrate the player and waste their time.... That deadeye thing. After 6 stupid deaths I nearly rage-quit the instance. After that it was really hard to have any care about whats-her-name that was so sad over Balthazar.

    Yep - where other dev studios look for ways to make their games more fun for their players, Anet seem to be working hard on coming up with the most frustrating game play possible. I would actually say it's getting worse over time. It's like they're begging the players to leave for more enjoyable gaming experience elsewhere. And people wonder every quarter what's up with GW2's revenue going down again...

    Overall: pretty mediocre story - as usual; very little to no player choice and involvement in the way the story advances - as usual; LS encounter design team hostile to their players - as usual... I wonder why I even bother with this game. Came back after a seven month break, saw that nothing has changed, so I'll be moving on again. What a bad joke.

  • Tailcoat.6920Tailcoat.6920 Member ✭✭
    edited October 16, 2018

    I love having to help force opposing factions to work together and would like to see some more of that grey area stuff rather than just smashing mind-controlled baddies (having Awakened, Mordrem, Branded, and Risen seem excessive). I like seeing the Awakened try to move on with their lives, rejoin their families, and become allies. That was something that made Vabbi interesting too since I could see many people looking favorably on Joko as a way to escape death (not to mention he's a likeable villain).

    I like Gorrik and Blish. Blish had this redemption arc going on. If you're going to have Taimi's illness kill her, I hope we get to help put her into a robot (I can picture one wearing a bow and feather on top, but instead of a little Blish golem, it's something big that shoots lasers!) and help her upgrade to do cool stuff on missions.

    Deadeye was maddeningly bad and frustrating. Reaper doesn't seem to have any powers that help. The raptor escape was just so many deaths I lost count. What made it hard was the unexpected change in jump physics.

    It was frustrating being unable to find a vendor selling harvesting tools, especially when I saw all that flax in the jungle and ran out of sickles, then had to visit another map. I don't know if I missed a vendor or what.

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    I finally beat the level. I liked how there were eventually checkpoints to restart from for the final jumping sequence. I would suggest adding in one or two earlier than that, since I never reached one during my first 50 plummets into the abyss. Maybe place it around the giant crystal near the beginning, when you have to turn to the left instead of continuing straight forward into the crystal. That was the area I generally failed at. I would often make it around that area, but fall before the speaking sequence began. (That was also annoying. I watched a video of a complete run through and the dialogue was interesting, but as I was usually falling to my doom as soon as the dialogue started, I couldn't enjoy it.)

    I find it unusual that I didn't have any major issues with the sharpshooter lady when everyone else complained about it. Maybe you had already fixed everything. Or maybe I'm just used to dying at least ten times during the final boss sequences. I didn't leave nude for once, so it couldn't have been that bad.

  • I'm gonna give extra props and kudos to the VAs in the last bit of the episode for their spectacular work, as well as Lena Raine for composing that final musical piece to capture the mood of the moment.

    I ran this on a female Charr, and then again as a female Sylvari. Both VAs were good but I felt something extra with Jennifer's voice as my Sylvari, especially with this line:

    "He said he's sorry."

    I felt my heart shatter into pieces. Ugh! So good! The way that line was delivered was a punch to the gut. Excellent work all around!

  • Two things with the story and characters:

    • I found the ending where all the bad stuff pouring on me just, sudden, without any proper leading especially when Taimi announces that she has cancer. I was like 'oh-kay'? I knew she had a rough time when she got stuck in that golem but it's gotten worse just now, all of a sudden?
    • And bringing back Eir for that mission was a nice touch but what she was saying at the end: "oh i know i should have been a mother but i am selfish so no, lol".
      The other parts were fine, even the map it-self and the little side stories, good job on that.
  • I can be a harsh critic sometimes, but one thing I REALLY love about the episode:

    when the character is sucked into the tornado. My female sylvari's squeaking noises are just too cute!

    Another fact, the grind to get the armor set was a lot less... annoying than anything Kourna threw at me. It is a map that I will visit even after getting everything off it.

  • @VAHNeunzehnsechundsiebzig.3618 said:

    Another fact, the grind to get the armor set was a lot less... annoying than anything Kourna threw at me. It is a map that I will visit even after getting everything off it.

    I sure hope you do ... in my experience, the Kournan map is probably the least populated map outside of Istan. Admittedly, my time zone finds me usually playing outside of core North American playing times, but try finding groups or squads to do anything in either of those places (except maybe the Istan meta).

    Further to that comment, while I appreciate all the development of new maps and so on (despite the raft of annoying new trash items that come along with each new map - I know I'm not the only one who would rather get no drop than a low-value trash drop [coppers eventually add up to gold, but ... seriously?]), I can't help wondering if the current trend of only releasing new content on new maps maps is actually harming the game by fragmenting the player population further. Random visits to original maps simply to kill designated bosses for collections does not equate with new content on those maps. I wonder if more real content can be achieved on original and existing maps, so that new players in Tyria can find other players to group with. How can we 'welded on' players convince new players (there are such people) that purchasing expansions is worth the financial outlay and time investment if their experience is that they rarely encounter other players on most of the original Tyrian maps? I've noticed a lot of development on the world map, and fear that if all these areas open up in future expansions or LW content, the playing population will become so fragmented that the game ceases to keep new players interested enough to keep paying for content.

  • The story that was told was not your greatest ever but the gameplay was very good during the story. I really liked visiting the mists and the anti-grav feel in 'space' (you know there are dragons on the moon, right? ;) ).
    I love the new map and how it works. I liked it so much more than Kourna.
    I was waiting to see what became of the Sunspear Sanctuary all the time and you did a great job with Sun's Refuge. I really enjoy the collections and seeing how the place developes. I like it more than the Home Instances.

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    It was a refreshing change that none of the story instances featured a fatuously long boss fight .. looking at you Fluffy as one example of a horribly over-buffed boss simply made to drag out the fight needlessly, the end boss of the chapter 2 is another. Deadeye initially frustrated me but in the end I can say I enjoyed it, it wasn't over-powered I just needed to be careful.

    The final instance was annoying, not due to bugs as either they've fixed it or I was lucky to avoid them, but I hate time-limited things like this as there's zero time to THINK and if you make a single mis-step on the route you take you're guaranteed to die!

    After three deaths in the second and third island phases I ditched the raptor and FLEW all the way through both sections, only just making it but I think that's the easiest way to do it in future.

    The new map is kind of 'meh' .. like, we've seen branded areas and deserts already .. but the first section with the anomalies was fun, seeing a bit of HoT landscape for example.

    Sun's Refuge is a great idea but I fear it feels like World of Warcraft's 'Garrison' feature, ie. it's fun while it lasts but will be a dead feature come the next LS chapter or expansion, I HOPE this won't be the case given the amount of work that's clearly gone into it and the achievements connected to it.

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    The events in the Jahai's map is satisfying and good but few might require tweaking to scale properly. Eg. Find food in the garrison for hungry Awakened before they eat the wurms event. (impossible to be done with a handful of players, added multiple pre-meta events going at the same time.)

    On another note, the event Hunt the Hunter - Collect and deliver lost supplies to Second Spear Koja (to lure out the Hydra) might need some attention. The event will spawn branded monsters continuously at few fixed areas where the event will take place which is fine for the event itself. Problem arise when it clashes with the pre-meta event - escort the DERVs to Almorra's Stand where the Shatterer event will take place. The escort DERV will stop and turn hostile to any mobs they encounter. When this two event clashes, the DERVs escort will be put into a halt battling an endless stream of minions generated from Hunt the Hunter event and ultimately failing the pre-meta event due to time limit.

  • It just took me 1.5 hours to get through a Bug in the System. You need to warn players or allow us some sort of save because its just too long. And the last fight with the Golum was just plain boring and stupid. Your game mechanics can be great and yet other times the complete opposite. This was one of the worst yet.

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    I would like really to know the idea that guide the "great design" of some things, for example sun's refuge "Door to the Past": I have to get 5 random runes to open a door with a chest that contains .. nothing special .. every day?? every day roaming killing things just to hope to drop 5 runes to open this chest.. each time?? but.. why!????
    Or "In a grain of sand" you need every kind of mount to reach the place but you can operate the compass ONLY with the jackal??? so you take the jackal, dismount it, go there, mount again correct the direction, dismount..go there etc. finally you reach the point with a griffon or a springer and you have to mount the jackal just to find the corrupted sand in place??? is this smart? is this funny? is this a great piece of game design?? like always...why???????

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    Just a question. I had the quest step Storm Tracking where it said to go to Sun's Refuge. Noticed that my spearmarshal's plea had a free teleport there. Great! But it puts you in the instance and doesn't start the story because the story step thingy is outside the instance. But when I leave the instance via instance door, I'm teleported back to my original location (far away). What's the point of this free teleport?

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    No idea why everyone is praising the map so much. It's the worst map in the game. Mobs are seriously overtuned. Map is mostly empty. I'm trying to farm currency and I'm doing events alone all the time. There are so many mobs you can't do anything. You can kill 100 of them and in a minute 200 more spawn. They keep spawning and they overwhelm you. It feels pointless killing them, because they just respawn so quickly in front of you. If map was so good, people would come back after finishing story. Map that requires zerg to rush through to do anything is a bad map.

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    Just finished LWS4 E4 story.

    All I’ll say is that I’m happy that this episode wasn’t a spam of flashing unhealthy lights like previous LWS4 eipsode. First story of
    LWS4 E1 gave me severe motion sickness and I had to suffer through a headache the rest of the day. Half the story missions in LWS4 E2 took place in dark environments with constant bright flashing lights. I had to use eye drops repeatedly due to eye pain this caused. LWS4 E3 was fine, except for the last story mission where you have to spam a signet that creates yet another unhealthy flash that covers the whole screen. LWS4 E4 stories had no flashing (other than collecting Volatile Magic). Thank goodness.