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UGO 5v5 MAY/JUNE Tournament Dates!

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Good day!

April was EPIC, how will our next two region tournaments play out? The balance patch is upon us, Chrono could be in the wind? Tempest is making a slow comeback and weve seen a power scourge? May can only get better for PvP in GW2!

1, Class stacking is LEGAL! Only one elite and core spec from classes are allowed e.g. Core Warrior, Berserker, Spell breaker.
2, Players may play in BOTH regions, with the understanding that PING is a THING!

Finally, we have the signups below. Please join our discord when signing up as this will be the staging area for all team comms!

NA - 20th MAY -


Matcherino Donation pages are up!

Donate 1 FREE $ to each tournament! 100 codes up for grabs!

Prizing on top of cash sum:

1st: 1200 Gems Per player
2nd: 800 Gems Per Player
3rd: 500 gold - Team (100g per player)
4th: 250 gold - Team (50 per player)

NOTE: The more gold donated to the tournament, the more can be spread to players. I have added a 4th place target for the stream to reach!

We are happy to once again be working with our friends at to bring cash prizing to our tournaments via free codes and a platform to assist in the process of donating to the tourneys!

The donation codes are LIVE! You can also donate to the prize pool for the region of your choice on top of the free code!! So far as a community we have raised thousands for the community and players. Lets start 2018 off with a bang!

NA -
FREE Dollar donation Code: NAUGO7

EU -

500g prizing is still present for 3rd place in both regions, added 250g for 4th! Gold is provided by the community & If you would like to contribute, please send gold to jebro.6370 or jebb.6819.

We are excited after the last UGOs, and enjoyed the voting feature which we will still enable for the foreseeable future!

STREAM: - Viewers will be able to decide which matches are played on stream at certain points! This will help reduce viewing and stream time!
Let us know your thoughts or concerns below.

Jebro - UGO



  • Best.3479Best.3479 Member ✭✭✭

    You meant to put EU as June 3rd not 23rd.

  • jebro.6370jebro.6370 Member ✭✭

    @Best.3479 said:
    You meant to put EU as June 3rd not 23rd.

    Thanks buddy!

  • Dreddo.9865Dreddo.9865 Member ✭✭✭

    Watched semi finals EU in YT (Twitch unfortunately isn't very lenient with slow connections) and I have to say the content was top quality and really enjoyed it. Thanks and keep it coming.

  • witcher.3197witcher.3197 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Why is this still stickied?

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