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Where is it ok to buy gems



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    With the amount of money that I spent on this game (Closing on $2k), I would NEVER risk my account buying gems anywhere else than in-game, or a physical location like GameStop or Best buy.

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    @Plok.5873 said:
    Maybe this whole problem could be left to the market if there was an easy way to check whether a bought code is linked a fraud or not. As I wrote before, I feel AN's policy of account termination on using compromised codes deters from buying gem in first place.

    A fraudulent code is a legitimate code that was purchased from buy.guildwars2.com and later refunded. There is no way to confirm whether a code is going to be safe or not, unless it was originally purchased at least 6 months ago, since a charge back can only occur within the first 4 months. Note that this only applies to codes that were originally purchased directly from ArenaNet, so in the case of physical boxes, or gem cards, it doesn't matter where you buy them, they're safe, and the only risk is getting scammed by the seller.

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