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24 hours Charity WvW Raid on Piken Square

The main purpose of raids is to have a good time with all of you, but sometimes we all need to up our game to do something good in this world.

One of the big commanders on Piken, Ducky, is raising money constantly for charity on his stream. CMON decided to support him and the organisation checkemlads.com and do a charity raid together with you lovely people on Piken.

Checkemlads helped Ducky through some dark times with support/counselling and he has beaten Testicular Cancer twice. He raises money for them so they can help more and more men with Testicular Cancer.

Hopefully we, all together, can raise some money for the good cause of getting the info about testicular cancer out to the public and make more people aware of how important it is to take care of yourself and help others.

You can find more information about the charity organisation here :


Start: Saturday 20.10.2018 7pm uk / 20 cest

End : Sunday 21.10.2018 7pm uk / 20 cest


20 cest - midnight : Getting started with Ducky

Midnight - 6 cest : Night shift party with Azizi

6 cest - 11 cest: Having a coffee with Hooty

11 cest - 15 cest: Smooth start in the afternoon with Slackin

15 cest - 18 cest: Tea time with Qap

18 cest - 20 cest: Final countdown with Ducky

(if you need the uk time just calculate -1)

How can i join, how can i help ?

Just come to the Piken Teamspeak and join the Raid in WvW (if you are on Piken)

We will do Stream and Squad giveaways during the whole 24h to get more ppl interested and joining, you can donate ingame items/gold to Dukey.9413 or Azizi.9508

Everytime we reach a new 50 euro donation mark a new giveaway will be done either in squad or stream chat

Spread the word about the charity organisation and the raid



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    What a awesome event, and such a worthwhile cause, too! Thanks for putting this together, Ducky, and thanks for letting us know about it, Lord Krall.

    I hope the whole community joins in. <3

    This takes place on the Picken Square server, which is an EU server. Some players have an account on NA and EU servers, or make the hop from time to time. So I'll share the times for those who may wish to participate from North America:

    The event runs from Saturday, October 20 to Sunday, October 21.

    • Eastern Timezone: 2 PM
    • Central Timezone: 1 PM
    • Mountain Timezone: Noon
    • Pacific Timezone: 11 AM

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  • We will make sure to share this at Pink Day in LA as well, excited to see more charity related events in our community!

  • I'm not on Piken :/
    But I'll support & host after Pink Day in LA! =)
    GW2 community is so awesome!

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  • Just a reminder for everyone that it is almost time for this! We have plenty of in-game stuff to give away and we are all prepared for a really fun stream and hope to see as many of you as possible there!

  • Starting in about 10 hours! Feel free to join us!

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    Hi everybody!

    I just wanted to pop up a big thank you and to let you know that everyone involved managed to raise a whopping €2289.00 in Aid of Testicular Cancer and more specifically Check’em’lads a charity that helps sufferers and survivors alike. We had a massive squad following on the EU server Piken Square, the Piken server (Guilds and individuals) donated thousands of gold and items to give away across the whole 24 hours and the whole thing was streamed on Twitch. It was an absolutely amazing event and a fantastic thing to be a part of. Another huge goal of ours was to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer and how to check yourself properly so if we even helped one person out there then this (Crazy Raid) was a giant success!!!

    We had five commanders running over the 24 hour period Azizi, Hooty, Slackin, Qap, myself (Ducky) and our competition hosts Krall/Namkha. So I just want to thank them for the time and effort they put in but also to other members of the CMON guild who gave up their time enthusing social media, online gaming magazines and braving the Redditsphere to publicize and gain momentum for our event. Two big shout outs are for two great people Azizi who with her organisational skills kept everything organised and planned out and Lord Krall who stayed up the whole 24 hours and had organised the giveaways and prizes for most of the raid.

    So finally to Piken Square you are a marvel, to the Guildwars 2 community your are phenomenal and to Whiteside Ridge I hope you enjoyed your loot bags 😉