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Possible to get an accidentally trashed item restored?

I play with my 7yo son and he accidentally deleted a character with his beloved bloodstone ascender equipped.

He's understandably gutted as he'd saved real money to go towards paying for it.

Is it possible for him to get it back? If so, how?


  • Contact Support (see the links on the top-right navbar). They are often very helpful.

    "With great power comes not-so-great utility bills."

  • What @Illconceived Was Na.9781 said, but: provide as much information as you can, including at least:

    • Character name, and be as careful as you can be on spelling.
    • Character race/species (Human, Norn, etc.)
    • Character sex (male/female)
    • Character level (or as close as you can get)
    • When the character was deleted.
    • Which "home world" the character was on.

    @Biff.5312 said:
    Exercise your whimsy.

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