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Revenant or Guardian?

I want to cut back to 3 characters..
I allready made my choice for light and medium armor(ele and engi)
They are most fun for me..

I am having a hard time to decide on a heavy armor class
Guardian and Revenant are both fun so far.
I am playing all game modes, altough mostly open world right now.
I am most interested in a build that easilly switches from ranged to mellee and has some support,
cc and defence on top of good dps that works acceptable to good in most game modes.

Which one of these 2 classes is most fun for open world in your book?
And why?
And which one offers most diversity for the other game modes.?


  • ScottBroChill.3254ScottBroChill.3254 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 4, 2018

    Just seeing that you like ele and engi, rev is probably more in that playstyle range due to legend swapping. I'm not a guardian player besides taking one in pvp every so often, but what I will say about them is that Anet seems to have polished them a lot better than other professions. Guards and Mesmers seem to always be on top of balance, and are both very effective at the roles they fill.

  • Omnicron.2467Omnicron.2467 Member ✭✭✭

    My favorite remains guardian, especially Firefrand. Useful and strong in all game modes and has a lot of utility in terms of the tome skills (heals, cleanses, blocks, and reflects without needing to slot any, they are all in F2 &3). Ranged damage is a bit meh, but sceptre is a good weapon, but with my axe cleave and pulls along with my F1 tome cleave and pull, I almost never use sceptre :)

  • Justine.6351Justine.6351 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Totally described hammer rev,

    I run it in t2 fractals, gold tier Spvp, open world and WvW solo/small-scale/zerging.

    It's got the cc, aoe boon spam, ranged & melee cleave, mobility, "invulnerability" and plenty of defense with blocks and evades. Can run it 100% zerker and still have like 50% more hp than a zerker guardian.

    Anet buff me :-(
    Make me good at game!

  • Dace.8173Dace.8173 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    I think you'll find Guardian to deliver more consistent strong results and have more build options. However Revenant plays closer to Engineer and Elementalist than Guardian does. However, I will always choose Revenant over Guardian. I like the challenge it presents and I get a better "high" from winning with Revenant than I do with Guardian. Part of that has to do with Guardian being the overall stronger profession, so of course, you won with it. Revenant is more an underdog triumph kind of thing.