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Is there a chat function or phone number

I was unable to find the email with my old game key, so I bought a new copy under a new email.

Then I was told by a friend I could submit a ticket. I am trying to get a refund 4 the expansions I bought on the new account so I can apply them to my old account. That they'll give me access to by sending to a new email.
It's just taking forever to hear back from them is there some way to speed up the process I'd really like to start playing

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  • So it's been 5 days and no resolution. Is their nothing else I can do?

  • You can update your ticket (reply to the automated email), and inquire about progress. This will re-open the ticket, should it inadvertently have been closed. Though, due to stated high volume again, it's probably just making its way through the queue.

    Good luck.

  • Is there Any eta? I've received no information to let me know the status how long does this usually take. Is the q worked on 24/7 or do they only tackle these during normal business hours.

    I mean I'm ready to drop 100 bucks on the expansions once I get my old game key. I just wish I knew how long

  • Yes, the CS Team works 24/7/365. No, there's no ETA; access issues can take longer. Make sure to provide as much information identifying you as the owner as possible.

    Good luck.

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    @TheQuickFox.3826 said:
    There is an ArenaNet phone number listed at the BBB website. Not sure if they will give phone support, and if yes, if that is the right number.

    The phone number looks to just be the general contact phone number for Arenanet Inc. Calling it with a support question would just result in being told to submit a ticket via the support website.

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  • They finally got back to me but only resolved half the issue. So when I asked what was happening with the other party back to silence lol. We will see how long it takes to hear back this time

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