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New Guardian Specialization.

So for the Guardian Specialization. Maybe it should be like the Warrior. If you like my Idea Hear me out.
Maybe the Guardian name should be "Templar" and they're Focus is on Heavy damage dealing, and like a druid kind of healing, and for their new weapons.
Idea 1: maybe they should have like a holy Strength Passive Effect, where as long as they're wielding a Shield they can wield a two-handed weapon with one hand. like a Greatsword, Hammer, Staff etc.
Idea two: they weapon they'll be able to use is a Spear but on land.
Idea Three: Dual Wield weapons.
more ideas: Flail skins for the mace. (basically a mace on a chain with a stick), a Crossbow skin for the Rifle, and Maybe some Historical looking Armor? like from the Crusades, Medieval England, or go and look at For honor and get some Ideas from the Knights faction.
hope you take these ideas into consideration, and good luck on the next Expansion.


  • Hello m8,

    Idea1: sounds interesting; as it opens more possibilities for more weapon combinations, thou i am not sure how complex it would be to program various Behaviours for swapping weapon types etc.

    Idea2: Also a nice idea. Not sure if Anet would implement a 2nd spear type based weapon as on land we kinda have the Staff as a substitute

    Idea3: Could happen in a future specialisation; they would need to program it; so all weapons skill change when equip dual weapons inside the new specialisation.

    The other idea's: The Flail can work model/animation wise; but probaly preserving the orginal Mace hitbox programming. Same for Crossbow.
    Alot of armor currently in GW1/2 are alrdy based on actual reference materials from the real world; then take all those pieces into making something more unique.
    I can understand the appeal in running around in Historically accurate armors; but i dont think that would get past their inhouse Q and A team wich will fire questions like: "isnt this a bit cliche?" or "these armors look bland. can you add something flair wich makes them more original plz?"

    But who knows; maybe theres alot of Medival times fans at Anet; fingers crossed XD.