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help choosing a class please

Hi, I have a big problem : almost 200 hours on this game but I dont have any character over level 50! Why? Because I keep creating new ones and deleting them because I just can't choose a class! I know that I can buy more characters slots and play every class, but I want to stick to one to make it level 80 before thinking to buy other slots. In end game, I mostly want to WvW and PvP. I also want to do map completion on one character.

I have made a short-list of the classes that I seem to prefer if you could help me with it :

Warrior : I love the GS skills but I just find the utility skills and the traits to be too much passive and I am affraid to get bored at level 80. Can you tell me what do you think about the spellbreaker? Is it less passive and harder to play than core warrior?

Thief : I like the theme of the character but I am not sure if I will like daredevil or not. It seems to be only a minor change to the core thief am I wrong? DE is definitely not my thing.

Guardian : I like the gameplay of the guardian and the fact that it requires you to be concentrate to stay alive, DH seems really nice. I just dont like too much the holy light effects/animations of the class. Is it something that end game gear effects can fix?

I dont like classes like elementalist, revenant and engineer because I hate to swap my utility skills in the middle of the fight. I used a level 80 boost on a mesmer that I will play on after completing the story with another character, it looks like a class that I will enjoy but that requires some understanding of the game.

Thank you for your help! and sorry if my english is bad:P


  • MikeL.8260MikeL.8260 Member ✭✭✭

    You just answered yourself, stick to the Mesmer. Since you already expect it to be the most enjoyable it's a no-brainer to stick with it. It's also the most universally useful class in the game being dominant in all of the game's content; PvE, Raids, Fractals and PvP/WvW.
    If you find Mirage to be too difficult to play start with Chrono, it's just as good and more traditional.

  • Dawdler.8521Dawdler.8521 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Dont think. Just buy.

    Step 1: buy character slots from the gemstore until you have 9 in total (8 if you dont have HoT/PoF).

    Step 2: create one of each class.

    No more issues. Play whatever you want, in whatever order you want. Best thing to spend money on GW2 period. Worst case, unplayed classes are mobile banks.

    Or stick to a class now and wait for a sale of said character slots, then proceed with the altoholism.

    Dont look a gift Asura in the mouth.
    No seriously, dont. Shark teeth.

  • MUDse.7623MUDse.7623 Member ✭✭✭✭

    as you want to mainly spvp/WvW, id say try them all in spvp first. you got all skills , traits, stats in spvp already on a low level character.
    in the long run id advise to play all profession to an extend so that you have a feeling for each and can better/faster learn how to fight them. leveling and getting basic equipment doesnt take long in gw2 compared to other MMORPGs, so its basically an altoholics dream.

  • Noha.3749Noha.3749 Member ✭✭✭

    If you are a comfortable player that dont want to spend too much time and effort to have "fun" id suggest you stick to something that works in most scenarios without having to craft a bunch of different gearsets.

    Warriors work everywere with a regular berserker set. There are only a few places like raids where condi is optimal that you will struggle. Spellbreakers are basically your regular warrior with more defense. Probably best "class" if you want to win outnumbered fights. Covers the same role in most PvE (banners) and is a bruiser in pvp/wvw.

    Thieves works kind of the same way, might want a little boost to your defensive stats in WvW though. Fastest "class" by far but struggles in some 1v1 matchups.

    Mesmers works everywere, are fun for its utilities but requires quite a wide variation of sets for different scenarios. Mostly used for its buffs and not its damage in PvE or WvW Zergs. for pvp and roaming they are very bursty.

    Guardians are full of blue fluff in endgame too. Aint no getting rid of it really. Fancier animations than a warrior for sure, but also requires more different sets. Can play healers, dps or condi to a competitive level.. kinda.

  • Thank you all for your help! I will stick with warrior and mesmer :)

  • dood just choose something and go with it.

    Te lazla otstara.