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I've been trying to pick a profession to main for 2 weeks

...and I still can't land on anything.

I discovered minion master reaper and fell in love. I don't die and I can solo most things. Then I realized no one would ever take me in groups.

I fell down a rabbit hole of looking at different sites and meta builds. It turns out that the classes I like, the meta builds don't sound very fun.

I know classes change a lot once you get elite specs, but I don't want to have to level every class and spec before finally finding what I want to play. I'd like to get some advice from players that already have experience who can kind of help me narrow down my choices. Honestly, with all the classes, specs, and weapon combos I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed on what to pick.

I'd like something that I can easily play in all modes. It doesn't have to be the best, but it has to be something where at least I'm not getting auto turned away when I apply for a group. I'd like something that isn't so squishy that it struggles to do most open world content or storyline quests by itself. Using a greatsword in its build is a big plus, since aesthetically its my favorite weapon. Not a hard requirement though.


  • Sephylon.4938Sephylon.4938 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Ele mes war and druid are stable in pve, with chrono war and druid having guaranteed spots atm. Rev guardi necro are staples of wvw zergs. necro+pocket healer is also a staple in pvp. As for squishy; dodge, blind, block, kite, sidestep, apply debilitating condis, use ccs, and use boons. Classes are only as squishy as your ability to use these mechanics effectively, and if you plan to pvp/wvw seriously you need to learn how to do these.

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  • Alex.4982Alex.4982 Member ✭✭

    It sounds to me like you would really enjoy Reaper. First, you already like necromancer. Second, you want some durability, and with reaper shroud you basically have a second health bar that can bail you out of some tough situations. Third, you said you like greatsword and the Reaper gains access to that. I am sure there are other builds you'd enjoy, but just based on what you've said so far I think it might be worth a try for you.

  • Engineer~~... Versatile, flexible and adaptive gameplay, sometimes you just have to change one Trait and some Utility between different game modes, depending on your gear stats.
    Overall Engineer is pretty good at everything, Solo Pve without any support/allies around, Fractals, Raids and sPvP, of course engineer's learning curve can be intimidating but it's worth it..
    And the most important thing to me, Engi is pretty consistent between changes, it's not a freaking sh*show every 3-4months balance patchs.
    Sure it's not the "reaper safety" in Open World, but you got everything you need to survive (Potions Trait is awesome).

    I'm a Rev main but It's too Rigid for what you'r looking for ~~

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    Just play necro/reaper for awhile. If you've only just started... don't be worrying about meta.

    You can play up to T3 fractals with necro and no one will bat an eye. (You can do higher level fractals too, but might be a lil harder to find groups..Idk, I'm still at T3).

    Some guilds will take necro into raids. Even as a DPS, because many of them are still do able despite sub optimal dps.

    The one thing, is that minions aren't usually wanted..one or two of them are acceptable at times tho.

    So, if you like necro..just play necro for now.

    Alternatively Ranger is accepted in all pve modes. Soulbeast as DPS, Druid as support healer.
    Cant speak for WvW, but it seems strong in pvp.

  • Buran.3796Buran.3796 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Mesmer or Guardian, but you can stay in Necro and do it reasonably well, has great specs.

  • dood just choose something and go with it.

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  • Good in all game types and wielding GS?

    Guardian would be the perfect fit.
    Seconded by mesmer

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    @lunalightfoot.2657 said:
    ...and I still can't land on anything.

    This is basically the same problem I have in every game I play where you can choose between different classes. I mean, there is no right and wrong; it's just your personal preference. If you like Reaper (or Necromancer in general) then why not just stick to this class and learn the different builds (for Necros in particular, there is so much to experiment with). With time you will also get the funds to buy different sets of gear for the other game modes.

    Maybe you think now: Oh this meta (probably Scourge) build sounds so boring and un-fun I am never going to play this. But how about you give it a try and play your class in groups the way it's optimal in the current meta? Maybe it's way more fun than you thought? Or maybe it's just not your game mode? And when you do solo stuff like story or open world farm you still can play exactly how you want.

  • Warkind.6745Warkind.6745 Member ✭✭✭

    I'd recommend saving minions for when you want to solo content and swapping them out for a DPS based reaper build when you want to do group content, assuming it's PvE. Reaper can lay down some very heavy damage, and until you get to end game content or PvP/WvW you won't see too much class discrimination; it's most likely just the stigma attached to a full minion necro that's making people heckle you.

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