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Profession for easy story completion?

I will be starting on LS3 since thats where I last left off, and progressing from there. I have every profession at level 80. I have unlocked everything for Guardian, Mesmer, Necro, Engi, and Ele. I also have Daredevil, Spellbreaker, and Druid unlocked. Given the current state of each profession which would offer the easiest and least painful route to story completion? Considering the fact that I havent played in a while I dont see myself jumping back into my Ele or Mesmer so would prefer something with low skill requirement. I can get builds off Metabattle just need a friendly push in the right direction.


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    if you don't have elits unlocked, I would go on core guardian this class havs a good balance between sustain and burst other option would be minion necro in something tanky like 'dire'. Saying all this I assume you juts want to get rid of mobs quickly and with minimum efforts 'easy' to get to experience story.

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    You can play berserker gear thief with signet of malice for the healing skill and specialize in Critical Strike to trait Invigorating Precision. Staff is a great weapon since it deals excellent damage, have evade and can be used to close or make a gap, but it needs daredevil elite spec. For ranged weapon, you can wield dual pistol and spam Unload especially if you need health.

  • prolly going with either or Just need to craft 3 more ascended pieces for a full set so Im not a total n00b.

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    Reaper all the way, my favourite class is by far Mirage but when it comes to the story instances I actually had a much better time as a Reaper, it needs much less micro management than Mesmer and has a tone of aoe dmg.

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    Whichever one you're most comfortable playing. They are all capable, but most players will be more expert at one prof than at another. Pick the one you feel most competent with.

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    Necro is pretty easy. If you have the LS3 mastery that gives you Signet of Agony (passive life-steal with your downed attacks), it stacks with the healing on downed skill 1, so about the only way you can die is getting downed too many times in a row.

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    I recommend Staff Daredevil. Run Invigorating Precision in Critical Strikes and Trickery trait line for extra initiative, and you'll never stop moving and stomping enemies.

    I was doing map completion on my DD earlier this week, and then took her into some HoT Act 1 story for achievements, and I was shocked, literally shocked, at how easy everything was, in comparison to having done the same content before on my Ranger and Guardian. In open world I was literally staff vaulting 1-shotting mobs, and hearts were never filled so quickly.

    EDIT: and incidentally, my class of choice for the weekly key farm is Thief. D/D + SB is the fastest method I've found to kill my way to a BL key each week.

  • I did scrapper through HoT, Mesmer/Mirage through PoF, now on Living Season 4. Totally looking for something else to play through instead of Mesmer as the conditions and amount of mobs in some of the episodes is horrendous (I may be noob, and maybe it's better with others.) AS solo goes though I almost was brought to tears at the end where you are in the First City... had to get 2 different repair canisters at the amount of mobs in that area.

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    Reaper all the way. Base necromancer close second.