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Soulbeast Aura Fix?

Ydeirt.3905Ydeirt.3905 Member ✭✭
edited November 22, 2018 in Ranger

Its been a year or so since the release of PoF and yet we seen any toggle/setting to reduce the aura effects.
I'm wondering if its there are not enough demand or people actually liked it. I've read some thread and its pretty much dead, so i'll just make a poll for it.
For me personally, i'd like it to be disabled completely or makes it only a temporary visual cue since my character wears all dark colour/black.

Post your thoughts if you want but please be civil.

EDIT1: This post have recieve some input so i'm gonna leave it open for 1-2 weeks before closing it and call the result.
EDIT2: So after more than a week, i got the results and most people here (at least who see the forum) wants to keep the effect.
So there you have it, just incase in the future someone looking for this.

Soulbeast Aura Fix? 27 votes

Disabled it completely.
Laila Lightness.8742phandaria.4891Leo.5829 3 votes
Add UI effect toggle for client side.
InsaneQR.7412Hepatolith.6389Jemmi.6058Waltz.5173Turkeyspit.3965 5 votes
Tone down the effect more with the animations setting adjustments. (Low = faint glow, Med = More glow + vines, High = current effect)
Cyric.7813 1 vote
Makes it only shows visual cues on merge/split for 2-3 seconds.
Sarge shot Grif.6450Maven.1690So Fuzzy Pop.1384Rysdude.3824Horan.7013AsiraasiB.7165Ydeirt.3905 7 votes
Leave it as it is.
Dragonzhunter.8506CETheLucid.3964EnderzShadow.2506Eleazar.9478Silv.1723Eurantien.4632DerJoker.9081Shadowcat.2680Undertow.2389Kitarpa.8143Slaybreed.2748 11 votes


  • Leave it as it is.

    I like the aura. I wouldn't oppose a well done remake that keeps the cool factor, but I don't personally find anything wrong with the current soulbeast aura. Rangers channel nature magic to be awesome and soulbeast is essentially a nature lich that makes themselves a temporary phylactery for the sum of their pet. A persistent aura fits.

  • Leave it as it is.

    Tbh Druid and Soulbeast animations are 10/10. Pls no change.

    All the losers win in the end.

  • Turkeyspit.3965Turkeyspit.3965 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Add UI effect toggle for client side.

    While I don't know if its technically possible, I would like it to be customized client side. Believe it or not, I wish I could make it MORE visible. During mass fights in WvW or World Bosses, with skill lag sometimes I think I've merged or unmerged with my pet but actually didn't.

  • Makes it only shows visual cues on merge/split for 2-3 seconds.

    Different color glow based on merge type could be interesting.

  • Dragana.1497Dragana.1497 Member ✭✭✭

    Get rid of the swirlies but keep the glow.

    "I'm not quite what I thought I was but then again I'm maybe more"

  • EnderzShadow.2506EnderzShadow.2506 Member ✭✭✭✭
    Leave it as it is.

    When a reaper goes into reaper shroud do they have a choice?
    or a warrior goes into zerk

    Unless they change it for other classes, I dont think they should touch it for Soulbeast.

    On the style side of things, if you are fashion wars conscious, you dont have to run around in soulbeast.

    mhm, ok, sure, whatever you say, no after you, I insist, no really, please, be my guest,

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