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I am French and I would like ideas to show my creations of guild hall

Good evening, sorry to bother you but I would have wanted some advice
It's been several years since I created my world of decoration in my hall of guild and I'm at a moment of the game where I would like to share my creations but I do not know how to do it? I know that it does not interest many people, but me, it is a subject that is close to my heart. so if you have an idea, I am open to any idea or criticism, thank you very much.

Ps: I'm French so be indulgent with my writing thank you and sorry to go through the English forum to have the most opinion possible

cordially galthing

here is an excerpt from my work 8-9 months ago so imagine now :) *



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    Hey, I watched your Video and I found it a great inspiration for the rest of us Guild Hall builder's :)
    It just looks awesome!
    I might steal the one or other idea off you though, now that I've watched it :P
    We made a little Video of our Guild Hall too

    The Gilded Hollow is our favorite Guild hall type too^^

    I hope you'll post a Vid on how it looks now!

  • Hi fleche de la terre, I am a Landscape Photographer irl & I often create 360 degree stitched panoramas with my DSLR. A while ago I was playing around with the idea of using a similar approach replacing my camera with a series of screenshots to create a 360 degree panorama from within GW2 that can be displayed on a web page. These would be an ideal way to showcase your Guild Hall.

    You can see some of my panoramas at the link below to get an idea what they look like:

    To create the 360 degree view in GW2 I took a series of overlapping screenshots after hiding the interface and zooming in the camera so my character was not visible.

    Start by looking directly down and take a sreenshot then rotate the camera to the right using the "d" key so that the next screenshot will overlap the first one by about 33%. Keep doing this untill you are back where you started.

    Next use you mouse to angle the camera up by about 45 degrees and repeat the above process.

    Do this process again angled up to 90 degrees, then 135 degrees then 180 degrees.

    You will end up with 5 rows of screenshots covering the entire 360 degree scene around you. How much you overlap and how far you angle up your rows is a bit experimental but the important thing is that there is enough overlap for the stitching software to match each image with the neighbouring images.

    Once you have your images you need to load them into software that can stitch them together into a spherical projection. I use Microsoft Image Composition Editor which is free or you can use the Hugin Photo Stitcher which is also free and open source.

    After stitching the images together you will have a Spherical Projection jpeg which will look really wierd until you load it into a 360 Panorama viewer. I use a toolset called Pannellum to code one into my website but if you can't do that then there are numerous sites you can upload your 360 Panos to and share them, https://kuula.co/ is one I've seen other GW2 players use.

    I hope that was of some use, it can be a daunting process to string it all together but it's a lot of fun. As a professional photographer I just needed to adapt my process to capture the images in game which made it a little easier to get some great results, have fun and feel free to ask more questions if you need to :)

    Here's a few additional Reddit links which might also help:

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