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  • Warlord.9082Warlord.9082 Member ✭✭✭

    I would like the Gathering Tools to support as many glyphs as you want. Obviously, you should only be able to apply each glyph once.

  • Froggybeef.1762Froggybeef.1762 Member
    edited November 17, 2018

    I like the idea of reorganizing the wardrobe concerning the gemskins.
    There should be a given option to fade them out or they could be moved to the bottom or the top of a section.
    Why? Because I want to know what skins I could unlock by playing the game and with the mentioned options it would be much easier to figure out.
    Please let me know your opinion about this, but I think it would not be a huge, but a very useful change.

  • More of a Guild Hall QoL
    To switch characters without being kicked from GH and a TP in it.

  • Jura.2170Jura.2170 Member ✭✭✭
    edited January 27, 2019

    Could you please remove the "Your screenshot folder is full" message in yellow text?

    Or make it optional?

    I know my screenshot folder is full. I don't need reminders

    Could we also please turn off the red "Your inventory is full" text? I know it's full, I looked at it before I opened a chest and the Encumbered sign also tells me

    And please let us turn off the wvw red texts "This is already fully repaired" , "You require more supply to do this" and "You cannot carry more supply"

    Please let us turn off the floaty glowy balls in the air. They spoil so many screenshots

    Please stop reward chests and mastery point symbols on the bottom right of the screen flashing, they also spoil screenshots

    Let us set the frame rate to 15 frames per second and 120 frames per second if we want in the graphics menu

    Let us use the Home Portal Stone in WvW

    Let us turn off for all guests the noise the blue and yellow catmanders make in our home instance when they costume brawl each other

    Add a "Tactivator Trolling" option to the right click report menu in WvW

    Add a "Golem Stealing" option to the right click report menu in WvW

    Add a "Supply Stealing" option to the right click report menu in WvW. Some trolls make basic siege next to a supply depot to waste it, or make golems and leave them at another server's keep

    Add a "Ask a GM to come" option to the right click report menu in all game modes. When chosen, a message box should appear and you can write why you think a GM needs to log on to the map right away and look at a player

    Add a "The tacts here have been trolled" button to all towers and keeps, so we can tell Anet without making a support ticket

    Add a tick box option at guild claimed places to only allow guild members to take supply from it. It should only be for max level guilds and only their officers should be able to choose. Once the officer leaves the map, it should go back to letting everyone take supply

    When one server's players go to another server's keep, they sometimes put food trays on tactivators to stop them being pulled. Please make the area around tactivators special so no one can drop food or banners on them

    At the top right corner of our screen, there's message boxes for what's happening. If I go to a keep, a box will appear saying I'm in that keep and how much supply it has, and if the keep is attacked, a second box will appear with a countdown. Please let us turn off these boxes, and the personal story one too

    Change Chilling Fog, Invulnerability, Emergency Waypoint and Airship tactivators so they can only be turned on if the place is contested and has white swords on

    When an Emergency Waypoint is turned on, it should be automatically announced in Team chat with a link to it

    Make Auto Turret tactivators much stronger or change them to laser turrets or flamethrowers on walls and doors. Some people troll WvW by putting them into buildings. They don't do anything

    It's hard for red team to defend Anzalias Pass when Overlook doesn't have a waypoint because there isn't a straight path from their spawn. There's also lots of lumpy terrain and water slowing them down. Most servers don't bother to siege it and put tacts in, or even defend it when it has them. Can it be moved nearer? Or can an asuran jump pad be put in the spawn to lower the distance?

    Lowlands and Overlook have their banker and repair npcs inside the lord's room. Valley has its outside the lord's room. Please move Valley's npcs inside

    If someone in a guild is repping that guild and is in a place their guild has claimed, they should get double the Guild Aura buff of what other people are getting

    Guild claims on places should have a tick box option to lock the claim in place after the claimer has logged out. I've claimed places and when I next logged in, the claim is gone because another guildie moved it

    Give a small amount of wvw exp for making superior siege and give a small amount of participation for finishing them. Something nice to give to scouts who siege up a place

    Scouts use expensive siege disablers to delay a zerg, sometimes lots for many minutes. It costs one and a half gold and 450 badges to disable golems for 10 minutes. But scouts don't get anything back for it. Give people who successfully disable siege some xp and participation

    When we take falling damage, our skills are locked for a few seconds. But if we swap weapons during that, our weapon swap is locked for 9 seconds even though we're not in combat. Please change this

    When we move the mini map in wvw to a place away from where we are, a lot of times it immediately moves back to center on us after we let go of the left mouse button. Sometimes even when we're holding down the mouse button, the mini map will struggle against being moved and we can't use it to see what we want. Please change this. There should be a menu tick box that lets us keep the mini map where we move it, no matter what happens

    In lots of big wvw fights, the ground target green circle and mouse cursor can't be seen because of all the flashy skills and people on the screen. Please give us a menu tick box that makes them black and twice the thickness so we can easily see them

    Hitting white ambient creatures shouldn't bring us into combat and slow us down

    When siege is down to 10 minutes or less before they disappear, they should turn red


    Put Gem purchases in Gem Store History and tell us how much they were bought for and what time

    Say who a gift was bought for in Gem Store History

    Let people choose if they want to receive gold and items in the mail from only those on their Friends list and in their guild. If people choose this, anyone who isn't won't be able to send them mail with those things

    There's a limit of 10 mails we can have in our mail box. Please let us have more, like 200. Sell a Gem Store upgrade for it if you want

    Let us be in 8 guilds or more

    Each toon can only add 8 dyes to the Favorites list. Let us have 20 for clothes, and another 20 for mounts

    Clothes and outfits should have different dye channels for day and night, with our dyes changing in the middle of dawn and dusk

    We can only have 10 bag slots each toon and 17 bank tabs. Let us have 12 bag slots and 20 bank tabs

    Put in the guild membership Roster list that's in the guild window, the date someone joined a guild, and how long they've been in it

    Please increase the decoration limit for guild hall areas. Sometimes I want to put a decoration somewhere but I'm told the limit has been reached

    Please put a Trading Post npc in all guild halls

    Some guild trek places and races are bugged and don't give rewards after being completed. And some guild missions like races need too many guild members to finish and get a reward. Change races to be like treks, so if one guildie finishes a race, they get a reward even if they're the only person from that guild doing the mission

    Guild roster history has had a bug for the last few years. For anyone who joins the guild then leaves, or declines a guild invite, their entry in roster history will be blank for 10 minutes or more. Please fix this bug

    When someone rejects a guild invite, the guild roster says that person left the guild. Please change what the roster says to "declined a guild invite from" and give the name of the person who invited

    Let guild officers whisper everyone online in their guild at the same time from the guild window. Some guildies don't read guild chat but do read whispers. It's helpful for when they want to tell guildies about events or missions

    Guild hero banners and swiftness banners should show the full name of the guild
    they only show the guild tag right now

    In WvW, if you want to repair your clothes, you have to talk to a npc and choose to repair them
    If you want to also sell something, you have to close the box and talk to him again and choose it, and a merchant menu will appear
    You should change it to talking to the npc should automatically repair your clothes and open the selling menu

    When you click on a guild banner, it shows a large message saying please enjoy this service. But to get rid of it, we have to move quite far away or click on the X. This should be changed to a small message that automatically disappears after a second

    When a guild reaches 500 members, everyone with an invite who didnt accept yet gets kicked from the invite list
    Instead of doing this, they should stay on the invite list, but their guild window accept invite button should be dark and unclickable, with a mouseover message that says until the guild makes space for new members, you can't accept the invite

    When we buy a new expansion, it deletes all our game mails from before. When I bought Path of Fire, all my game mails including Heart of Thorns and Master Brewer mails were deleted. Please change this so it doesn't happen again if I buy another expansion

    If we buy an expansion for our main account and then make an alt account to play wvw on a different server, we should be able to play that expansion on our alt account by adding some kind of game serial number or purchase code to the alt account. We shouldn't have to buy the expansion again so we can use gliding in wvw

    Stop people being logged into 2 wvw accounts at the same time. Trolls sometimes leave their alt toon afk on a map to fill it up and stop real players joining and defending a place because of the map player limit. They also do it to tag watch another server as well as troll tacts and steal supply

    In wvw, the only way for a guild to unclaim something is to claim something else. They can't if there's nothing else to claim. There should be an unclaim button for all places

    Double clicking on a guildless wvw place should automatically claim it for the guild you're repping


    Asura dragonhunters in WvW can't shoot arrows at npcs on the wall of towers and keeps. It gives an Obstructed message because asura are too short to shoot arrows properly and hit anything. It also happens when shooting npcs and sometimes other players in camps. Can the way asura shoot arrows be changed so they hit things without trouble?

    Let us swap full sets of clothes and trinkets with one click. At the moment if I want to, I have to double click 11 times and find them first in my inventory or drag them across to the box in the Hero window

    Let us swap builds with one click. Some people use four. One for wvw zergs, one for wvw roaming, one for fractals and one for pve

    Blue team players in Eternal Battlegrounds can't move their mini map down to their spawn waypoint so they can click it. The mini map always gets stuck on something. If they want to waypoint there, they have to open the full size map to do it. Can this be fixed?

    Please add a wvw tactic for Sharks with Lasers on their heads for Bay only ^^
    It should go in a special slot for Bay only

    Change Quentin Lake to Quaggan Lake and the hylek village next to it to a quaggan village ^^

    Make a Fireworks Confetti wvw tier 1 tactic that lasts a minute and gives Confusion and Daze

    Change npcs in keeps and castle so they run to the lord's room to defend and contest the circle once the lord goes down. Or make it a tier 1 wvw tactic

    Change the Hardened Siege tactic so it also lowers damage to player siege inside a keep by half

    Friendly npcs in wvw should res you if you're downed or dead and they're not in combat

    Please let people tagged up in wvw use voice to talk to everyone near them, or everyone in their squad, or the whole map if they want

    Let us have a tick box option in the menu for if we want auto target and auto skill target to choose ambient creatures and wvw keep walls

    Make wvw loot bags dropped on the floor disappear after 5 minutes so we have enough time to run back from spawn and collect them

    Let people who open the Enormous Mistwrought Chest in the wvw alpine map jumping puzzle and obsidian sanctum have a chance to find an ascended clothes or weapon box

    Let us make big guild hall messageboard and whiteboard decorations with lots of space to write messages. At the moment if we want to leave a message for guildies, we can only use small decorations like flagpoles or stones, which most guildies don't know have messages in them, or put it in the guild window's message of the day, which no one reads. If guild officers had a big messageboard to put in the hall for what they want to say to the guild, and also a whiteboard for guild members to leave messages for everyone, it would be nice

    Please add some jumping puzzles and hidden areas to Windy Haven guild hall

    Let people map break and explore maps without being killed for leaving the playable area. It's fun and nice to explore

    Please make the playable area in the asura home instance bigger. At the moment if we jump down to the river, we die

    If we fly down to the bottom of Rata Sum map, we get teleported to an asura peacemaker prison. Please let us reach the bottom. We don't mind if it's an unfinished area. It's just nice to explore

    Lost and Gilded Halls each had a hide and seek place that was nice for relaxing. They could both be found only by swimming and were lovely easter eggs. When Path of Fire came out, they were walled up and we couldn't go to them anymore. Please let us back in

    Tarir had a hide and seek easter egg place that looked like a big blue starry curtain. The way to it was blocked when Path of Fire came out. Please let us back in

    The asura home instance has a really horrible high pitched sound near the tree in the fountain and wintersday present tree. It spoils what should have been a serene place of peace, relaxation and reflection. Please turn it off

    Waypoints have a loud sound that's part of environment sound. It spoils immersion for people who like to run around with music and effects turned off and only listen to environment ambience. Please change the sound so it either can be turned off with a tick box in the menu, or make it an effects sound

    Please make the sound made by holodancers in guild halls an effects sound instead of environment

    The black lion home garden in the asura home instance looks really out of place to the rest of the instance. Instead of having a triangle garden sticking out over the edge, can the plants be planted on grass somewhere else in the instance?

    When Heart of Thorns came out, we got a desert wvw map. When Path of Fire came out, we didn't get a jungle wvw map. Can we please have a Heart of Maguuma wvw map like Auric Basin or Gilded Hollow?

    There are a lot of trophies and junk items that are soulbound, like dandelion blossoms, spikes, and path of fire collection and reward track trophies. They should all be account bound instead

    There should be a way to queue for full maps for people on overflow maps

    The Black Lion Trading Post only lets us see the last few months of our items bought and sold. Can it be 6 months or longer?

    When we cancel an order in the Black Lion Trading Post, the money should go straight to us. We shouldn't have to collect it from an npc

    When we add a skin to our account wardrobe, it shouldn't disappear from our inventory. It should stay in our inventory but become account bound

    When we transmute something to a skin we added before to the account wardrobe, the original skin shouldn't disappear from our inventory if it's still there. This happened to me once. I transmuted something on one toon, and the original skin in another toon's inventory disappeared instead of using a transmutation charge

    The dye preview window in the Hero window only shows what our toon looks like in one kind of lighting, not what our toon would look like at the time of day it is now with all the light coming off the ground and walls. And to see lots of dyes, we have to left click them, then left click the dyeable clothes boxes, move the mouse to click apply, move the Hero window out of the way to see our toon, then move it back to the middle to change to a new dye. It can get really tiring quickly. Let us with a double left click on a dye in the dye list, dye everything we're wearing in that dye without needing to confirm. So if I double left click white, everything my toon is wearing right now becomes white and the Hero window also moves itself to the left or closes. And if I left click a dye and left click on the clothes type box, the one left of the dyeable boxes, it changes all dyeable boxes in that clothes type to that dye and closes the Hero window or moves it to the left. And if I right click a dyeable box, any left clicks on dyes after that should change that dyeable box to the dyes I'm clicking on without being asked to confirm the change, until I close the Hero window

    Sell passes in the Gem Store to map instances of old Lion's Arch, Lion's Arch during the fight with Scarlet's Army, and Lion's Arch while it was rebuilding. Put in all the npcs like banker, guild banker, trading post and crafting stations

    At the end of Halloween, I was a few seconds away from finishing Mad Memorial and getting the Emissary title and Mad King purple backpack. I had the dialogue box open for the last npc I needed to talk to and was halfway through. The npc and dialogue box suddenly disappeared, and I have to wait a whole year to get it. Please give us a one hour warning when you are going to turn off a festival, and let npc dialogue boxes stay open after time so we can finish achievements

    When the game came out, we could put minis in storage collection. When the account wardrobe was made, minis still in storage could be taken out but couldn't be put back, and we couldn't put new ones in. Let us put minis into storage collection, and also let us withdraw account bound copies of minis from our wardrobe to put in our inventory. Let us make a favorites list for account bound minis in the Minatures window

    Please add something to the customer support FAQ about what we can do if we're double charged for buying gems
    It's happened to me a few times and I don't buy gems anymore

    If we take a really good or unique screenshot ingame and want to turn it into a mousepad, poster, calendar or other merchandise at the Guild Wars 2 Fan Forge, there should be a way to get permission from Arenanet for it

    Have a forum thread open and sticky'd at top for making suggestions to the Current Activities Team for events and other things like the hungry cat hunt, and let us tell them about problems too. One of my cats has been missing from home for more than 2 years and I haven't been able to tell the devs directly

    Please accept donations from people to make Super Adventure Box World 3
    You don't have to rush, but it would be nice if it came out in 3 years or less

    Let us repeat a music track that's playing right now by ticking a box in the sound menu

    If we have Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, we should be able to choose which login screen and music we want

    Add a tick box option in the menu to show character names on top of pictures in the login screen. At the moment if we want to choose a toon, we have to move the mouse cursor over each one to see who it is

    A support ticket should stay open for at least two months from the last reply before closing, or stay open forever until the problem is fixed

    Some people use things like ReShade and Hook to improve how the game looks, but they aren't supported by Arenanet. And some people want the game to look nicer but don't want to put those things on their computer. Can Arenanet increase the number of graphics options in the game menu so the game can look as nice?

    Some people use Launchbuddy to choose the least laggy login server with the fastest ping, but it isn't supported by Arenanet. Please change the game login page to let us do that

    If we want to buy the Guild Wars 2 original soundtrack for GW2, Living Story, Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire, we can only buy them in mp3 on Amazon and iTunes. Please sell them on Bandcamp in lossless Flac, and also make a CD and SACD with nice cover art we can buy from the GW2 website

    When Heart of Thorns came out, choosing "The Music of the Golden Chambers" in the Guild Hall put "The Golden Cave" track on repeat. But after Path of Fire came out, it changed to a variety of music tracks. Please change it back to just "The Golden Cave" and add in an extra option for "The Music of the Golden City" (Auric Basin) tracks

    please make a Taimi voice mail pack
    my QoL wishes

  • I would really like to see outfit slots, much like what Swtor has. It's too much of an inconvenience and quite costly to constantly use transmutation charges, not to mention you have to re-dye all of your armor again.

  • Abraxxus.8971Abraxxus.8971 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 19, 2018

    For QoL, I would like to see some new emote. Examples being
    /newspaper - You pull out a copy of the Krytan Herald and read it while turning pages (repeated animation)
    /wallean - you lean against a wall non-chantly
    /drink - You hold a cup and casually drink (repeated animation)
    /protest - holds up a protest sign
    /juggles balls/daggers/whatever
    /sniff - character raises nose in the air and sniffs around
    /phew - character shakes head and waves hand in front of face as if smelling something foul...used in tandem with /sniff
    (Yes, I played CoH and SWG so sue me)

    Dungeons to have a solo option with lesser rewards.

    other things I would like to have...
    Shatterer Mini
    Wings of the Sunless backpiece skin to drop from Tequatl
    Clockwork pvp map with Scarlet Briar as the announcer
    Scarlet Briar pvp/wvw finisher.

    Bring back Ceara

  • Rico.6873Rico.6873 Member ✭✭✭

    Salvage option for gear with sigil/runes in it

  • Please, Anet. Can you just make soulbound items sellable or salvageable or something? Leveling another toon left me with a set of exotic armour with stats that are useless to me and there's nothing I can do but destroy it. What a waste.

    1. What I'd really like is the option for a really spiky, anime-style haircut on humans, and for the hair-colours to include a brighter orange. I've got a character based on an anime, but despite the range of hair-styles there isn't one with suitably spiky hair or suitable colors.

    2. Also also, can you please keep track of which waypoints have been unlocked in each Guild Hall? I'm in three guild halls and on switching between them, any waypoints I've unlocked keep getting lost.

    3. As somebody else here has said, it would be nice to have our necro minions automatically come out if we have them out and change maps, if that's not too difficult technically.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 19, 2018

    I just noticed that for the heavy luminous armor helmet you have two skins, the parade one with the grid on your hair and the battle-ready one with the grid on your eyes.

    So I'm asking, can we have the same thing with aetherblade light, medium and heavy helm skins pretty please? :)

    Shiny links, take a look!
    ->Ideas: Housing , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
    ->Project: ASURAN/PRIMORDIUS EXPANSION available on WIKI.
    ->NEW: Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy on WIKI
    ->NEW Asurapedia

  • A small Guild Hall suggestion. In addition to the clear all decorations, would it be possible to have an option on individual decorations? Example: For Halloween we had decorations throughout the hall. A right click on pumpkins or grave markers and recall all placed decorations of that type.

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Would really like to have an option to reset personal story after completing her, that way I can re-enjoy every story steps with my level 80 character.

    Shiny links, take a look!
    ->Ideas: Housing , Designing a new lounge , New GameMode
    ->Project: ASURAN/PRIMORDIUS EXPANSION available on WIKI.
    ->NEW: Crucible of Eternity path 4: Legacy on WIKI
    ->NEW Asurapedia

  • Mathias.9657Mathias.9657 Member ✭✭✭

    How about an options in graphics settings to disable others spell effects so I can play the game without seizure inducing clutter..

    Has been a major issue for me since day 1 especially in pve so I mostly just stick to pvp even though it's still horrible there I mean team fights are a clown fiesta of aoe and you can't see anything at all. So much for reading enemies skills with visuals lol xD at this point you may as well just add cast bars.


  • Turn the Guild Initiative Headquarters into a more open location that has interacting boards.
    These boards should allow guilds to advertise on them so that people can find guilds more neatly, instead of guild members going on map spams.
    By default it should list the guild name and tag, with the server they are on. There should also be a list of checkboxes to show which kind of content the guild is most interested in.
    Then it should have sections to list active times based on server time that can perhaps convert to their local time if possible.
    It should also have tags to highlight key words for people to find more specific things.
    And a description, to give more personality.
    Then a final box to fill in what to do to join, either you write you user name and tell them to mail you with their name or be able to type in a link to send them to your application or website.
    The guilds would have to interact with the board once a week to keep their notice up or it will be removed from visibility. The visibility of the notice can also be removed if people decide they have enough member, etc. Or the advertisement will be removed if the guild is full. Etc.

    This would give more purpose to the Guild Requisition area and give a more solid location for people to find guilds.
    Instead of telling new players to ask LA map chat or make them watch out in game or go scouring the forums, it is there, in game. A place where they can browse guild lists for themselves. They can go up to the board, scroll through pages of ads or used a filter tool to search tags to try and find their own interests.
    Maybe they want people who use discord who aren't serious, etc. They can try and search more specifically via tags, etc.
    To decide what shows up first, whatever one has been most recently interacted with will show up first. Sure, people may just sit at the board and constantly bump theirs up, but at least it's not in map chat anymore and people can still search for their own.

    Founder of Affinitus Nemus [AFNM]
    "Join Us, We're Lonely" - Our Guild At Some Point


  • Please.... Weapon swap for Engineer and Elementalist out of combat.
    (Not sure - maybe it's already mentioned here).

  • Separate miniatures in WvW and PvE like skills are separated, in hero tab so that when I tick one off in WvW so that it wont show up in WvW but it wont affect my PvE visibility.

    AFK what cannot be AFK'd.

  • With all the recent emphasis on speed & movement, I would like to see a movement speed stat on the hero panel along with the rest of the stats that will show your current speed with whatever buffs are present (swiftness, super speed, swim speed, mounts, rising momentum, etc) including while mounted when all the other stats are regularized.

    Also, less likely but still nice would be a checkbox UI option to put those stats from the hero on the main UI so that they are visible.

    I seem to recall fro GW1 being able to see ping & FPS stats on the main screen too which would be a nice option for those of us who have to use less than idea internet conn.

  • Sirian.3689Sirian.3689 Member ✭✭
    edited November 21, 2018

    I have gained every non-special collection color, no reward for reaching that milestone, but my potions of "guaranteed dye unlocking" are useless now, maybe combining 4 in the mystic forge could give a random exclusive dye?

  • Add 6 to 8 new districts to every city,
    Currently each played character race has its own home area, really just a node storage area,
    perhaps as characters advance they could get a new home/house/bunk in one of the districts,
    and a way of transferring home-node locations to the district they chose to live in in the city they also choose..
    Add new and changing district events just outside the door.
    Districts would reflect city history and world history in both style and tradition.

    Home portal works by character after a house is purchased "or given and accepted" not by race.

  • Leablo.2651Leablo.2651 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 22, 2018

    Smarter culling based on game mode, draw priority highest to lowest.

    1. Self
    2. Enemy/Neutral
    3. Friendly NPC (if it is feasible to distinguish functional vs decorative NPCs, the latter can be moved to the bottom of the list)
    4. Other players based on a cumulative point value (assuming default 0). Example: +3 points for party or squadmate, +2 points for friend list, +2 points for commander/mentor, +1 point for guildmate, -10 points for blocked player.

    1. Self
    2. Enemy player (not including pets/summons)
    3. Enemy pet/summon
    4. Enemy/Neutral NPC
    5. Friendly players based on point value (as in PvE).
    6. Friendly NPC

    Additional notes for WvW: Effective range for applying priority should be extended to visual range (or set to maximum where the model would generate a nameplate). Please REMOVE player nameplates from ranger pets, summons, and other "attached" models that are not themselves players. Targeting keys (e.g. Tab) should also SKIP these characters.

  • Tora.7214Tora.7214 Member ✭✭✭

    i don´t know if this has allready been suggested, but i would like to suggest that all dungeons recieve the same treatment Arah recieved and have their story mode difficulty lowered so that they can be soloed.

    There is hardly any reason at all to do dungeons nowadays, less of all story more. And like the rest of personal story/expansion content, they shouldnt be locked behind a party. That way new players (and old ones that havent done them all) can enjoy the story mode of dungeons without the hassle of finding a party for them

  • Lanhelin.3480Lanhelin.3480 Member ✭✭✭

    Just a few suggestions regarding guilds and guild management:

    • It'd be great, if we could assign different chat-colors to the different guild-ranks. Be it just the name of the characters shown in chat or what they write, would make it a lot easier to identify who is talking. Especially in larger guilds and/or when altoholics like me are in a guild.
    • I wished the right to start missions was splitted into: start missions and finish missions. I'm in a guild where everyone has the right to start missions, primarily for the purpose to be able to finish them, especially race missions, because not everyone likes the races or all of them, but we have some players who are pretty good at it, so they all have the right to bring these missions to a successful ending by talking to the race-NPC. But the right to start missions should be seperated.
    • When I'm in the guild hall (alone), tag up and create a squad and several members join and also go to the gh every time a second instance gets created and I get the message, that my instance will be closed soon. Why is this so? And could you please change it?
    • Please increase the amount of possible ranks and rank-symbols. Sometimes members excel in something very special or behave in a certain manner that I like to honor with a special rank. Some of these temporary, others permanent.
    • Change simple bounty guild missions in a way that the completion of the mission rewards all players in the squad regardless if they hit the mob or not, as long as they are on the right map. It's a recurring issue that the simple mission gets completed because a player or a pet couldn't wait but attacked - no matter if talked about it before or not. And for completion hitting the npc once for 1 damage is enough.

    Another great QoL improvement would be to allow commanders who untag to stay in the squad. Currently I have to leave it and need to be invited again. Or add an option for cdrs to hide their symbol to anyone else but squad-members.

  • Suggestion for a minor "would be nice to have" thing: when you hover your mouse pointer over the list of titles under Achievements, it would tell you briefly how it was earned. Like "No One Left Behind" would give the brief description of "Revived 1000 players". I can't remember what most of the many titles are for and get similar ones like Relentless, Devoted, Stalwart, etc. mixed up. Thanks!

  • qol suggestion: how about if you stow your weapons in PVE, you are less likely to provoke a hostile enemy to attack!!

  • Astyrah.4015Astyrah.4015 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Lanhelin.3480 said:
    Just a few suggestions regarding guilds and guild management:

    • It'd be great, if we could assign different chat-colors to the different guild-ranks. Be it just the name of the characters shown in chat or what they write, would make it a lot easier to identify who is talking. Especially in larger guilds and/or when altoholics like me are in a guild.

    this is nice but it should only work while representing a guild, i'd also prefer they rather make an option to assign a custom colour to /g1 ~ /g5 that way when all 4 (or 5 if you aren't repping any) guilds are chatting all at once, it's easier to distinguish and reply to a particular guild-chat... having to seperate the different guild chats into many tabs is messy and prone to sending to the wrong channel.

    --- actually if they ever do that, they should let us assign custom colours to all chat channels like in other mmorpgs

  • After playing a minion-mancer full time for the past two weeks, I would like to upgrade my opinion of minion de-spawning from annoying to aggravating. There are just too many situations that cause your minions to despawn and require re-activation outside of combat, including but not limited to: changing zones, entering dungeons, exiting dungeons, transforms related to hearts or HP challenges, tonics and probably others I haven't found yet.

    Having all minions out is a fun experience. There you are with your little posse, the magnificent seven against the world. It's a very different experience from any other class, or even other necro builds. And it would really help that experience if there were an OPTION one could enable to automatically re-activate minions after zone-change, dungeon/fractal entry/exit, transform, etc if the minions were out before the change.

  • I would like to see the Mystic Chromatic Ooze added to the novelties section, as long as it is added so that we can still use it in combat and WvW. I've regretted adding several items to the Novelty panel because they became unavailable in some areas or un-usable with other items.

  • Eros.6801Eros.6801 Member ✭✭✭

    My only suggestion is please let "object" in core Tyria takes condition damg as well. We already have 2 expansions that let "object" able to take condition damg applies on to them.

    MEH !!!

  • Can we have a way of choosing which legendary weapon aura/draw animation and footprints we show off? like having a mainhand leggy but showing off hand leggy footprints.

  • Please add a "Sort" option to the inventory options, as it can get messy in an instant and it would be very useful. I believe bank could use a similar option.

  • Lex.2081Lex.2081 Member ✭✭

    Nearest waypoint options when hovering over the "Return" button when dead would be a convenient option to have. :)

  • BlueJin.4127BlueJin.4127 Member ✭✭✭

    I want to play Holosmith, but can't because nearly every Holo weapon and utility skill causes bright instant camera flashes that hurt my eyes. Holosmith isn't the only problem, of course. There are so many skills, both from players and enemies that cause bright flashes that are damaging to eyes. These are health issues and Anet should take these issues seriously enough to address them quickly and efficiently.

  • I would like to have some options for my extra luck since I am maxed at 300%. There are only so many red lanterns a guild needs. My main guild has 1500 of them. Since this is something we "earn" through salvaging, I feel we should be able to have a more useful purpose for it.

  • Saniyah.1984Saniyah.1984 Member ✭✭✭

    Could you made account bound Skinns consumable into transmutation charges please?
    I got soo many skinns from achievments and fractals some i do like, but i don't have the right equipment for it rn
    So it would be awsum if you could consume them so you can sort of used them later without keeping them in your bank

  • Daddicus.6128Daddicus.6128 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Here are a few ideas I've collected over time:

    1. Make 24- and 28-slot bags account bound.
    2. On the drop-down for salvaging, make it checkboxes for rarity, vs. "salvage all of rarity X".
    3. On the drop-down for salvaging, add an option for common items.
    4. Change colors for different types of break bars.
    5. Change colors (slightly) for similar objects (like up or down arrows for elevation), to better accommodate r/g and b/y color-blind people.
    6. When entering crafting, minimize all tabs in the left nav pane.
    7. Create a search capability for the character selection screen.
    • Include checkbox for race.
    • Include checkbox for profession.
    • Include numerical spinners for levels or level range.
    • Add a field to manually type a portion of a character's name.
    • All of the above should be independently selectable.
    1. Have the Mystic Forge remember your last transaction this session. Perhaps a "repeat last" button.
    2. Allow the Mystic Forge to access your bank, as all crafting does now.
    • If that's technically difficult, instead add an "open bank" button to the Mystic Forge screen.
    1. Allow us to see how much we have banked (without being at a bank, but also without being able to withdraw).
    2. Add a strong warning when you're about to use the Mystic Forge to change the stats on a piece of armor or a weapon. "You're about to lose infusions or upgrades." (as appropriate)
    3. Gem store item to go to the labyrinth (during halloween, that is).
    4. Break into sub-folders "Open World" (under the LFG tool) by region.
    • Shiverpeaks
    • Ascalon
    • etc.
  • @Daddicus.6128 said:
    7. Create a search capability for the character selection screen.

    • Include checkbox for race.
    • Include checkbox for profession.
    • Include numerical spinners for levels or level range.
    • Add a field to manually type a portion of a character's name.
    • All of the above should be independently selectable.

    This would be wonderful.. I have over 60 characters and it's a cluster trying to find them. I miss the option for alphabetical sorting from GW1. Sort by profession, as he said, would be extremely useful also.

  • Avelione.6075Avelione.6075 Member ✭✭✭

    Some new suggestions that came to my head today...
    1. I do a lot of PvE and when there is an event with many players and NPCs dying around it's quite often very hard to distinguish if you're healing a player or an NPC : ] Sometimes they just lie on each other, next to each other or just all over the place : D And despite me trying to aim in the real person (yes, I know the markers are different color!), I often end up healing an NPC. In all the mess and visuals and fight going around, it would be nice to have some kind of a way to help players only.

    1. Mounts fall to slow! This is mainly about the bunny. Yes, I know how it sounds. The issue is that if one wants to get to a high/very high location and fails to catch the edge, falling down and sliding a bit too slow on EVERY SINGLE slanted edge of a rock, before properly landing on the ground is quite frustrating. The thing is, a player cannot do anything in the time of a mount just sliding down. Would be nice if I could dismount while falling.
      I think the mounts behave too much like they were very slightly smeared with glue that tries to stop them on every little curve, edge, ledge ;p but none of these objects is sticking out enough to stop the fall.
      It gets double frustrating when I'm trying to escape enemies and I get trapped between them while I'm hopelessly glued to my bunny that is just sliding down and enemies just keep on attacking. And all you can do is wait until it lands or the enemies kill the mount. aaand maybe then you can escape.. or not. And then you can be completely trapped since you cannot mount back while in combat. This is neither tactical or practical :/

    Choya is love, Choya is life!

  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭
    edited December 1, 2018

    Add Lock button for Daily repeatable Achievements, so those Achievements will stay on Watch List panel, even if they reach 100% completion.

    For ex. Daily Completionist and Master Diver, those are repeatable, once it reaches 100% it removes from Watch List panel on User Interface. Lock button will make those Achievements to stay on the panel, instead of disappearing.

  • Simply being able to have my WvW gear on it's own tab and my PVE gear on it's own.. You let us have multi-skills but we still have to manually swap our gear.. which can be a pita.

  • Aeon.4583Aeon.4583 Member ✭✭✭
    edited November 28, 2018

    @Rob.6315 said:
    Simply being able to have my WvW gear on it's own tab and my PVE gear on it's own.. You let us have multi-skills but we still have to manually swap our gear.. which can be a pita.

    Yeah, i won't mind to have that too. Some kind of Equipment Storage. For ex. in fractals, i play chrono and switch between off-hand shield and focus, depends on situation. I need to open backpack, and equip weapon in offhand, otherwise go to hero panel ( anyway it takes few actions to switch it ). Equipment Storage can hold items in certain slots to provide pre-made eqipement set, that you can can use to switch weapons\armor via hotkey during non-combat. Plus, this will spare inventroy space.

  • The ability to stack shoulders and/or helms for gear.

    With both the Mad King and Wintersday shoulders being particle effects without an actual discernible shoulder piece worn, it would be nice to be able to stack these. So for example, someone could wear the Raven Mantle and have for a particle effect the Winters Presence Skin as well. Or any helm and one of the glowing eye effects.

  • Here is a suggestion, what if we had a few (optional) slots added to the UI near the skills (or can be drug around to fit anywhere) that you can link consumables/gizmos from your inventory into? Call it a tool belt. It would help during times that I am treasure hunting in maps that require me to double click on a map or some other echo-locator consumable. I would be able to reason with using some of the cool gizmo's I have acquired, such as a certain rift related one. People would love it for food/utilities. Even if you gave two slots free and more could be purchased via gems I would be more than happy.

  • Consume All option to Casino Coins or add them to Wallet would be nice. :)

    AFK what cannot be AFK'd.

  • YuckaMountain.3786YuckaMountain.3786 Member ✭✭
    edited November 28, 2018

    @Tenna Tulre.2076 said:
    The ability to stack shoulders and/or helms for gear.

    With both the Mad King and Wintersday shoulders being particle effects without an actual discernible shoulder piece worn, it would be nice to be able to stack these. So for example, someone could wear the Raven Mantle and have for a particle effect the Winters Presence Skin as well. Or any helm and one of the glowing eye effects.

    This, or wardrobe function for effects that come from infusions and like. :O Also I would love to have a preview possibility for Items like [Polysaturating Reverberating Infusion (Red)] so that I could see how it looks in my current gear. :)

    AFK what cannot be AFK'd.

  • Avelione.6075Avelione.6075 Member ✭✭✭

    Also, can you make it possible to switch gathering tools from the shared inventory slots? It would be immensely helpful, instead of unequipping and equipping again using windows :/

    Choya is love, Choya is life!

  • Avelione.6075Avelione.6075 Member ✭✭✭

    @Sirian.3689 said:
    I have gained every non-special collection color, no reward for reaching that milestone, but my potions of "guaranteed dye unlocking" are useless now, maybe combining 4 in the mystic forge could give a random exclusive dye?

    I have the same problem with guaranteed dyes I crafted from my garden patch. And now they are useless :[

    Choya is love, Choya is life!

  • Just a minor thing, but I'd like an option for an indicator that lets me know at a glance if my auto-run is toggled on. Mostly for the sake of Beetle Racing - I find it easier to tap R to get my beetle moving and then focus purely on managing momentum and steering, but sometimes I don't realise that I accidentally switched it off (often by tapping W or S) until my beetle starts gradually losing momentum and stopping entirely. A way of checking at a glance whether auto-run is on or not while mounted would be handy!

  • So I'm sure some of what I think has been said before, and some of them may not be considered QoL but I think so
    1: Build Template saving and linking I have no idea why this was removed from GW1, sometimes I forget to change builds when changing gametypes
    2: This idea is based off the new Rune Sigil update, add a character based rune tab, consuming up to 6 of a rune unlocks it for that character and lets you swap between unlocked runes on that character, ie, if I consume 6 runes of strength I can select the full set but if I only have consumed 2 runes of the berserker then I can only select up to the 2nd ability bonus for those runes but I could use 4 of my strength runes. I considered saying account based and to me that's ideal, but I think making it character based protects the rune economy a bit but allows players to test new builds and ideas without costing 20 gold just to try something and swap back if you on't like it. I think this would promote players testing out new things and increasing build variety.
    3: On the note of build variety I had 2 ideas to add more variety without requiring a ton of work (other than balancing)
    3A: Bring back secondary classes, allow players to choose one specialization (Not elite specialization) from a different class unlocking the second classes core utility and healing skills. Traits that would not benefit a different class could be given a secondary form (like how pve and pvp traits differ sometimes) this would unlock a whole realm of new builds for each class without having to create new specializations, mechanics weapons or classes
    3B: Give each weapon 3 different skill sets to choose from, an offensive set a defensive set and a utility set allow players to pick and choose weapon skills from the sets to build a "weapon bar" referring back to 3A possibly allow players to chose select weapon skills from their chosen secondary class. While this would involve creating a lot of new skills and corresponding skill animations it still seems easier than adding multiple new weapons and increases build variety.
    4: Food/Utility tool quick bag, give each character a 5 slot pouch that can only hold consumables and displays a quick bar above the skill bar to easily access and refresh consumables (make pouch expandable with gems or gold?)
    5: I know people will gripe and it's probably a long shot but Make the option to have account shared gathering tool slots I'll pay gems for it because it's better than paying 20000-30000 gems (hundreds of dollars) or infinite tools for my 9+ characters. I'm fine making the "shared gathering tool slot" upgrade gem based so it's optional for players who already invested in many infinite tools
    6: Allow a characters appearance to be "saved" as an outfit by spending gold/gems (maybe one free outfit appearance slot and others cost gems) this would allow quick swapping of armor and maintaining a look or sharing a heavy armor look to light armor or vice versa
    7: Allow placing Sigils of Day/Night into Eternity to lock it into it's Sunrise/Twilight modes respectively and before people say transmute to one look or another the Eternity version of Twilight is different than the base one, or just unlock all 3 skins when binding Eternity so I can transmute between base Eternity, Eternal Twilight, and Eternal Sunrise
    8: Create a Mystic Forge recipe to craft Mystic Coins or an account bound substitute (it's not a perfect solution imo but could help increase the availability without crashing the coin market)
    9: Integrated Voice chat, I know this has mixed feelings with a lot of folks and I understand there are more logistics than just programming but come on, almost every modern multiplayer game has voice chat integrated I think it's high time to add GW2 to that list