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How to buff weaver without just increasing flat damage/healing/toughness,...

Hello there,

So I've had my fair share of Weaver gameplay so I think I have some experience in said class. It's no unknown fact that Weaver or Ele in general isn't really a good class compared to all other classes around there, the only people that are able to hold decent fights are the ones who have mastered the Weaver spec.

So this brings the discussion of Weaver needing a buff, but I don't think Weaver should get a big buff at all.
Weaver is pretty good on paper (kinda), but there are some points that I think if they would be improved, Weaver would be in a way better state than it is now.

My first suggestion is: Reduces casting time on skills like "Flame uprising", "Pyro vortex", "Gale strike", "Twin strike", "shearing Edge" and "cleansing wave". All this skills have a relative long casting time wich makes missing an enemy way too easy. Decreasing the casting times will make Weaver more responsive and viable to play.
The second suggestion is: Remove "Unravel" as a utility skill and move it to an F5 skill slot, theres just no reason to sacrifice a utility skill than you need to be able to survive for something that isn't even good in any way, moving it to an F5 skill slot would make more sense and allow more versatile gameplay.

These are 2 simple suggestions that don't directly buff Weaver with extra damage or extra healing but it will make it so Weaver is more reactive in skills and can do better combos.

What do you think?


  • Little side suggestion: make the auto-attacks of Sword ranged, Weaver has only 2 ranged skills wich makes Sword dagger weaver amongst the only class that cannot have decent range and melee in one build.

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    Starting with a full AA chain for 1s would already be a huge step forward, but i agree that adressing the damage reliability for a hugging melee class that has long cast time/animations/aftercast in addition to its squishiness would be a great enough buff.
    Unravel, i couldn't care less. Only good utility is ToF. Rest can disapear.

  • WVW insights
    Healing and toughness is never an issue. Sword is ok could use it little range boost from 130 to 160 :). Main hand dagger dual attack is what's kind of lacking damage. Dagger weaver is very lacking. Core fire, water arcane can out play 1v1 a dagger weaver. That's sad. But core dagger ele lacks the power to figght any real oppoenets now a days. Scepter Weaver more of a troll build now a days. Only for tag and runs, unless carried by group.

    I assume spvp weaver has some functionality in a little ring 1v1. Last time I spvp was hiting legendary in season 2 as d/d ele or as a d/f tempest. I miss the feel of a core ele in 2015/2016 pre hot nerfs. It was delicious in wvw and in spvp. Core d/d was allowed power rangers to strive and other non point classes to shine.

    Sword Weavers are decent 1v1 vs non POF metas in wvw. Sadly sword still has low packet damage, very small range and is easy to read. Good luck catching holo, mirage, or firebrand if fleeing from battle. You will never catch the others. And chill from Reapers gibs you so hard.

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