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Druid/LB playstyle.

Hi! In other MMO's I have always played archer class or just character that can handle a long bow. I watched a few videos about ranger and his elite specs, so I'm wondering about my end game playstyle.
I want to play as a druid in fractals, raids etc. and just simply healing people around me, but for open world I would prefer to go with longbow. Can I do it with druid spec or maybe I have to swap to core ranger or soulbeast?
I know that probably LB doesn't have so much dmg compared to greatsword or any other type of weapon, but I find that way the most enjoyable.


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    You can do it with all 3. Druid has the advantage that it has more access to cleanses and CC (especially roots) that let you control your enemies better, but you sacrifice a lot of dmg. Only take druid when using a staff too, so you can go double range and for the repositioning on staff 3.
    Otherwise go soulbeast. You just gain way nore dmg with Sbeast, especially with beastmastery you gain tons of stats.

    Core can be used and performs dmg wise in between sveast and druid.

  • Depends on your play style and how you like to fight....druid is tanky and manueverable but takes a long while to kill things.....soulbeast you can obliterate your oponent quickly if you catch them off guard or are not surprised yourself. Each one despises the other.

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    Druid can definitely use Longbow well, if you’re just doing open world just swapping staff to LB is fine, you’ll lose mobility, but that shouldn’t be a big deal overall.

    However if you want to use LB in fractals/raids that’s totally fine, just make sure you ALSO have staff for the healing. You’ll probably want to run a tiger (or red moa if you really don’t care about personal dps) for fury uptime though since you’re dropping WH.

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