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Character Selection Screen Background Music - Option to choose


as the title suggests I wonder if there would be the possibility to include an option to choose your background music. My problem with this is I own both expansions and it only plays the background music of the latest owned expansion but I liked the BG music of HoT (loved the trumpets) much more. So despite me owning both expansions I don't get to choose which Music I want to hear in the character selection screen. An option for all Character Selection Screen music pieces (wintersday, halloween, dragon bash just to name a few) the account should have access to (tracking of this could be done by achivements unlocked) would be the most optimum imo (and maybe the most challenging - do even all the pieces of past BG music still exist?). I really miss the dragon bash BG music and it's sad that it's kind of lost.



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    I would love to see this too. Can you please let us choose our character selection background screen and music?

    please make a Taimi voice mail pack
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    I'm going to answer with a... well, let's call it a historical perspective. We have seen the question about customizing one's loading screen over the years, and what I learned when I asked about it was that each generation of the loading screen has certain technological improvements. Therefore, releasing older screens would require some work on the back-end / code / software to make them fully functional with the current state of the programming. This predicated the decision to look more at making forward-looking improvements, rather than revamping older content. And that meant that an option for swapping loading screen visuals was not in the cards.

    The above was all, of course, from a visual or functional perspective, not from the viewpoint of music options. I'll leave answers about the musical side of the equation to the Audio Team. :)

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    It could be nice to have a selectable button in char select screen where you can choose the music to be played on said char select screen (gw2 core / hot / pof), visuals and all could remain as is as I think most just have a preference on the audio played (1 likes pof more than other and vice versa).

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    Would it just take a really long time to change, or is it really impossible?

    We don't mind waiting. The WvW commander tag took more than a year to change from a blue button to lots of choices for how it looked and worked, and everyone was happy with it. And we've been waiting for Super Adventure Box World 3 for years

    please make a Taimi voice mail pack
    my QoL wishes

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