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Fun/Weird Foley

Around HoT i believe there was a foley video that showed what some of the team did to produce sounds.

So as a question are there plans to do this again/updated ? Additionally, if there isn't what's some of the more abstract or weird techniques and items used to create sound effects from Path of Fire/Post Path of Fire.



  • We have had a few on screen appearances since then. Here are a few timestamps from a live-stream a few of us did this year talking about Foley (there may be more nuggets throughout that I missed!):

    (this video was utilizing a binaural mic set, which replicates the human head. In terms of recording technique, we were definitely pushing on the creepy factor of replicating the sound of someone or something being that close to the player)

    As well as the Roller Beetle behind the scenes

    We do a lot of recording and I'm sure others have many odd stories of props we've utilized that they can chime in with! :)

    Chris Burgess
    Sound Designer

  • TexZero.7910TexZero.7910 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I defintely missed those videos and will check them out.

  • One of the more recent wacky recording sessions we had involved putting plungers into pumpkins we cut open. We filled them with a variety of differently viscous liquids- coconut milk, almond milk, water, and I even went to the front desk and got to see the ~secret closet of snacks~ to get some yogurt (I feel like at this point when we walk in with weird objects or have bizarre requests like asking for yogurt to put in a pumpkin the studio just kind of shakes its proverbial head sadly). Very appropriate for the Halloween season!

  • Additionally, you can find some more of our "Behind the Sound" videos here:

    And if you missed our 2017 PAX West panel, we went into some of our sound design for Path of Fire:

    Keep an eye, (and ear), out... there will be more! :)