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What does the Sound Quality Slider actually do?

Meridian.9103Meridian.9103 Member ✭✭
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Hello Anet Audio Team.
First of all i want to thank you for all the nice insights you are giving here in the AFC.

Could you tell us, what the Audio Quality Slider actually does? E.g. does it change the amount of processed sound sources and effects? Is reverberation and spatialisation added or altered?
I would appreciate any technical insight you might give.

Edit: And is this something that has to be considered by the sound designers?

Thanks and keep up your great work.


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  • Back in the good old days, sound quality settings actually changed the sound quality.

    @DrewCady.8902 said:
    throttles voices
    amount of voices.

    Not.. whatever this is.
    You want to help the low spec? Add in options for <44 khz/bitrate, and disabling reverb.
    The setting itself needs more detail too. Instead of a slider, it needs to be a dropdown with popup that describes what changed, like the graphic settings.