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Looking for a profession that can solo hard content, but is also viable in raids and PvP!

Hi! I'm a pretty new player. I played briefly around launch but my potato PC couldn't handle the game. I have a much better machine now and I've been looking into playing GW2 again, but I'm having trouble deciding on a profession to play.

I'm a huge fan of 'extreme soloing' - doing stuff alone that most other players would need help for. So that's my main priority for profession choice.

However, I also want to be accepted by other players when I group up for end-game dungeons, raids, and PvP stuff.

I've read that Necromancers are solo gods, but at the same time, are met with open ridicule and hostility when trying to raid.

Are there any professions that are almost as strong in soloing hard stuff (champions, dungeons, etc.) but also have a place in the raiding meta, as well as good builds for dabbling in PvP?

Besides Necromancers, the other professions I'm interested in from an aesthetic standpoint are Warrior, Guardian, Ranger, and Thief.

Here's a quick list of features I would like from my chosen profession, if possible!

  • Good at soloing champions, dungeons, and other group content.
  • Viable for high-end raiding. I don't know if I'll ever be that leet but I'd love to have the option, so I don't need to reroll.
  • Good for PvP activities. I think most professions have at least one good build for PvP so I don't think this one is a huge deal, but just in case!
  • No frenzied piano-type gameplay, which I think rules out Engineer and Elementalist.
  • No unforgiving 'mess up once and you're dead' type gameplay. I don't mind challenge but I also want a little elbow room to survive after a mistake. I'm worried Thief might be like this.

Thank you very much for reading!


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    Holosmith (Engineer) or Spellbreaker (Warrior) sounds what you are looking for. Both of them have good sustain/damage for solo activities and are part of Raiding meta while having strong presence in PvP/WvW. Also both of them are relatively simple to play (Holosmith is a dumbed down Engineer).

    You might need to run different sets of armor for whatever you want to do at the moment, but that's mostly true for every profession.

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    you can pretty much do it with any class if you are good enough, you see people soloing arah with all sorts of classes long before elite specs came out.

    and yeah, PvP and WvW will need a bit of different setup, PvE is about yolo everything you see as fast as possible since AI is stupid and weak
    but when you are playing against a player you need a totally different mentality, that's why you dont see PvE builds showing under PvP and WvW with a few exceptions, but still doesnt carry through to other game modes like raid and FoTM

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  • Sword/shield holosmith

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