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The hydra's cry is horrifying!

Lily.1935Lily.1935 Member ✭✭✭✭
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So the sound quality of gw1 and gw2 has always stood out to me as excellent. So for me I'm always expecting high quality. But once specific sound in PoF really has stood out for me. And that is the hydra's cry. And it will occasionally scare the kittens out of me.

So here's the thing. The Hydra if I'm not paying too close attention to it, its cry sounds like a downed human female play shouting "Anyone?" Which promotes me to search and rescue. I've been tricked by it and I've both looked for players not there and have let players die thinking it was the Hydra's cry. Now I know that in nature a cat's meow can somewhat mimic a baby's cry or wild cats can mimic distressed humans screams, so I'm wondering if this was intentional. And if so, how did you go about doing this? And do you plan on doing more stuff like this in the future? As scary as it is, I absolutely loved this about the hydras. Please do more like this.



  • Thank you for the compliments! We always strive for excellence. :3

    Unfortunately, the Hydra was designed by Jerry Schroeder, who is no longer at ArenaNet ( :'( ), so I'm not sure what kind of voodoo he was doing or if that affect was intended. Knowing him, I wouldn't doubt it. ;)

    I do love the idea of this monstrous siren call, luring unsuspecting desert travelers to their potential doom, (or to get the kittens scared out of them.) We'll definitely consider doing this more in the future.