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edited December 3, 2018 in Nov/Dec: Audio

Will commanders tagged up in World vs World ever be able to use voice to talk?

If yes, could you please let them choose who hears them? Everyone in their squad. Everyone near them. And everyone on the map

The noise siege like arrow carts make, and the noise waypoints make, are environment sounds in the sound menu. Can they be changed to effects sounds, so they can be turned off along with all the noise player skills make?

Can waypoints noise also be lowered in volume a lot? They're really too loud

Could Exploring Deepstone, Highlands Kraal, The Prophet's Shadow and Veterans of the Desolation please be added to the list of music played on the Desert Borderland map?


please make a Taimi voice mail pack
my QoL wishes


  • I remember, that I once found voiceover files inside the .dat, which contained voiceovers for WvW. Such as: “We took Stonemist Castle!”
    Maybe it was intended, to give WvW a simular voiceover as PvP has. And maybe, those files can be reused? :smiley: