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Elementalist elite- Tornado

Can we please give this skill an update? No one, and I mean no one uses this skill in ANY game modes. A lot of classes have the "viable" option to use their core elite skill in pvp, pve, or wvw, like say the guardian, ranger, warrior, heck even the theif got one! What about elementalist? I suggest making the tornado kinda like the glyph of storms a point click target aoe where you summon the tornado on it. It will definitely give Fire great sword elite a run for it's money if the dps was adequate, and will definitely add to the thematic of what an elementalist is all about, using destructive elemental magic- I say all this but I just want to role play as storm from x-men, thanks!


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    Yes I agree

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    I Don't think they would change it to a targeted AoE for two reasons:
    - Its a transformation elite, many other classes get those, to transform the player on a powerful thing for a little while (lich form, rampage, etc)
    - Engi get their transform elite to be either the warrior rampage or the ele tornado, changing the ele tornado would be weird for engies...

    The concept of the tornado is really nice, but it just doesn't work as the skill is too weak...
    One option would be to allow the ele to swap attunements while transformed, changing the effects of the tornado, while keeping the engi tornado electrical themed.
    Gain Stability and turn into a tornado that does dmg and effects based on your attunement.
    Combo field: (current electric) change to attunement based (fire:fire, air: electric, earth: smoke, water: water)
    Combo finisher: whirl
    stability and damage interval: 1s
    - 1: shoot projectiles based on attunment (fire: fireball, air: lightening, earth: stone, water: spray jet), projectile finisher (3), 1s cd, 900 range; (projectiles are same/similar as the staff autos)
    - 2: burst elemental power from the tornado (fire: firestorm - burn/dmg, air: swirling winds - block projectiles, earth: dust storm - blinds/bleeds, water: ice storm - heals/chills) 1s cast, 3s cd, 900 radius 3s duration;
    - 3: gather up force into the core of your tornado (fire: pulse damage and burn into the tornado, air pull foes into the tornado and float them, earth: pull rocks that lunch down foes into the tornado, water: pull a torrent that knock down foes into the tornado and heals and cleanses allies) 1s cast, 3 pulses, 6s CD, 300 distance, 900 radius;
    - 4: push the tornado force outwards (fire: pulse dmg and burn outwards from the tornado, air launch foes outwards from the tornado, earth: throw boulders that knock back foes outwards from the tornado core, water: release a storm surge that knock back foes and heals and cleanses allies) 1s cast, 1 pulse, 6s CD, 400 distance, 900 radius;
    - 5: move swiftly forward leaving a trail based on your attunement (fire: fire field, earth: unsteady ground, air: lightening field, water: ice field)

    The concept is that you can change your tornado to fit your purposes and spec.
    - In fire, the tornado does lots of dmg and burn;
    - In air the tornado does dmg and hard CC;
    - In earth the tornado CC and controls through blinds;
    - In water the tornado heals, cleanses and CC with chill;

    The tornado has a permanent field around the caster that can be used by you or allies to combo, the field of each attunement combos well with their projectiles (fire causes more burning, air causes vulnerability, earth blinds, water heals)
    The skill one of each attunement are 3 to 5 projectiles similar to the staff projectiles, the skill 2 is a pulsing field (similar to gliph of storms) that can be used for utility or dmg based on attunement (air dmg and burn, air block projectiles, earth bleeds and blinds, water chills and heals), the skill 3 is a pulse towards the center of the tornado, the skill pulses outwards, skill 5 is a dash that leaves a field or effect.

    This way tornado can be used to cause dmg, to cc or to support or even to run away (dash on earth, leave smoke field and jump through getting stealth for a bit - a cool flavor where the ele turns into a dust storm and then disappear) and better fit different roles based on the ele spec (dps, support, etc)

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    @Ganathar.4956 said:
    Just make it evade like dagger storm. Problem solved. It a tornado anyway. Who can damage a tornado?


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  • @Ganathar.4956 said:
    Just make it evade like dagger storm. Problem solved. It a tornado anyway. Who can damage a tornado?

    Yes, I have already suggested this.
    I like tornado but I can't use it unless I wanna die.
    Beeing locked 15s for the most squishy profession...
    Getting evade would allow us to really use it for the whole duration and it's not like it would be OP: slow, moderate damage and mostly melee.
    Only good for knockback and lightning rod, there you can have decent damage.