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[BUG & Solution] Tower Down Level 70



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    Take your time and kill everything in (clear) the dungeon BEFORE talking to Tonn.
    Don't rez anyone and DON'T SKIP CUTSCENES.
    Then talk to him and stay close and stay close to the squad.
    Done it at 1st try.

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    same issue here, only i am at the end of the mission and everything is dead, I'm supposed to speak to Tonn but when i try to I'm only getting generic asura greetings instead of the dialogue box with options to advance to the next mission.
    Edit: just did another run through where I went with the immersion-breaking "kill everything before starting the initial dialogue" and now hes stuck on tower 2.

  • Nerus.7510Nerus.7510 Member ✭✭

    @Jeffrey Vaughn.1793 said:
    I'm trying to track this down, but I haven't been able to reproduce the issue where the objective is "Speak with Tonn" but he won't bring up the conversation to pick your next mission.

    I have found a situation where the "Clear the beach of undead" objective can appear to stall because some of the enemies you need to defeat aren't very obvious, especially if you go directly from tower 2 to tower 3 instead of backtracking through the caves. I've also found a case where that objective can stall in multiplayer. I have one report of Tonn stalling at tower 2, but it's unclear exactly where it's stalling. (The report doesn't indicate if he finished blowing up tower 2 or not.)

    There seem to be a multitude of ways it can fail, mostly to do with mobs being trapped in scenery. The only way I have completed it successfully is by first walking the map killing all of the mobs that are "pre-spawned" (including the Risen brute that sometimes disappears into the barnacles of the first tower) before speaking to Tonn. Also waiting by the third tower until I have been charged by the 2 sets of 2 krait and killing them before running back to Tonn and walking through with him and the others.

  • Had this happen twice today. Since this is a pretty long quest and boring to do three times I'm done with this for now and will wait till there's a solution. I've absolutely positively cleared the beach both times (high killspeed with AOE) and Tonn just stands there at the third tower, following me around.

  • Thalra.2097Thalra.2097 Member
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    I just had the same issue; tried two times and finally had to look up bug fixes:
    I tried the bug support where you clear the entire area of all enemies before you talk to Tronn at the beginning of the mission. Worked perfect when I did it. I recommend to try that if you're still having issues. I found that there are enemies that get "stuck" in the rubble from the towers, and thus are missed and don't count towards the "Clear the Beach" parts, even though the mission will continue forward.

  • Bug is still here, Tonn not responsive at Tower 3

  • Tonn is stuck at Tower 2 for me. Cleared literally everything out. Will try again tomorrow.

  • Tried again today (attempt #2). Tonn is still stuck at Tower 2. Tried sticking with the pack that time.

  • Success! Like the others mentioned, before talking to Tonn at the start of the quest, go through and kill literally everything. Then walk through the rest of the quest with Tonn.

  • September 26 and this is still not fixed =/ had to look down on how to get over that bug to advance. Like people mentioned, you have to kill everything before talking to Tonn but having to do it twice in the same character and even waiting for the NPCs to get places (they walk so slowly...) Is really annoying :/ also, the Issue Tracker page is broken. Please fix stuff >.<

  • Ok Guys, September 30 and I did it! this is how:
    1) Killed everything BEFORE talk to tom. Special attention to those risen that ARE INSIDE THE TOWERS, they just spawn there try to use AOE skills to kill them, they can go through the ruins, but you don't, so try to hit them with any aoe skill and they will go after you.
    2) Didn't ress anyone in the 3rd tower .
    3) Dont skip cut scenes.
    4) Tom was stalling after he explodes the 2nd tower but dont care about him and keep going thru the cave, always stand close to the pack.
    When I reach the 3rd tower tom just spawn there and destroy the tower. I tried to stay at the end of the hill with the others guards when he destroy the tower (idk if that helps or not but i could make it xd).

    • I never had the ''tom not responding'' issue because i never got this far before. I was stuck because tom never moves from tower 2 and the mule stalls at the 3rd tower camp. (Tom was stalling after he explodes the tower in the same spot that he left the bomb).
  • It just happened to me too. I'm at the last tower, it sais "Escort Tonn's team to the undead towers", but him and the Pack Marmox stopped way back and made camp and not moving even after i killed the monsters at the tower. Is this intended? Is something i'm supposed to do now to make them move to the tower? Because if so, it's not clear at all. This is a huge bug and i feel most disappointed in spending money on something like this. And the problem seems to be out there for so long it makes me regret even more.

  • Lilly.5391Lilly.5391 Member
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    I found it!!!!

  • Lilly.5391Lilly.5391 Member
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    He is hiding in a demolition pile and you cant target him, he is in the 1st demo pile i believe it is right in the middle i tried to take pics but when i take them it don't show his name in the pichttps://imgur.com/a/2V8nEHP
    Now get to work ANET and fix it

    Zoom in to see his name just tried it, AOE that Biach i just got him, go get em guys

    I think i should get some gems for that one ;)

    Update, Clear the whole board before initiating the quest, once that bug sets in it dont go away till you restart mission. So just go clear everything go in the water etc.. Everything must die before you initiate the mission

  • Crashalot.8406Crashalot.8406 Member ✭✭
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    Storyline "Tower Down" bug where Demolitionist Tonn won't move or talk to you at the beach and third tower: When you blow the first tower there is one "risen" that gets stuck in the demolished tower. You only see it sporadically from different angles. Hard to kill because it's obstructed. Got it finally from the water's edge side and you have to blast it down quickly or it heals. I didn't have a problem after that with "Clear the Beach" or talking to Tonn. Hopefully this helps with this "bug"

  • @Crashalot.8406 said:
    Storyline "Tower Down" bug where Demolitionist Tonn won't move or talk to you at the beach and third tower: When you blow the first tower there is one "risen" that gets stuck in the demolished tower. You only see it sporadically from different angles. Hard to kill because it's obstructed. Got it finally from the water's edge side and you have to blast it down quickly or it heals. I didn't have a problem after that with "Clear the Beach" or talking to Tonn. Hopefully this helps with this "bug"

    This is very helpful, and thank you for sharing it! Players -- does this work for you?

    I'll also let Jeffrey know about this post, so that he can assess if the risen in the tower is, indeed, a bug that needs to be corrected.

    Thanks again, @Crashalot.8406

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    I can confirm if the story bug's the only way to get around it is to go around and kill everything in the area and then talk to Tonn after you do

  • I cant beleive, Anet. It takes you more than 8!! months to fix a single stuck risen?
    Yesterday I completed teh mission, watched cutscenes and moved with the squad.
    Then skipped cutscene on other charachter, and two times Ton is stuck near second blowed tower.
    8+ months after bug is reported. Unbelievable. The most boring mission is still broken and I have to replay it

  • Upd. Watching cutscene doesnt help.
    Idk, if it is important. Herald character completed mission first try.
    Warrior fails 3 times in a row

  • Okay, made it in 4th attempt. Killed everything upon first 2 towers, than started mission script talking to Tonn, and finnaly it worked

  • Why isn't the bug fixed yet I am still experiencing it, Tonn is stuck after the 2nd tower -_-

  • Do clear Foes in all towers places before talking to Tonn in the first place, this actually solve issue but not right for a "mission".

    Everything has the right to live

  • Teex.5827Teex.5827 Member

    Still bugged out now.
    Yet another kitten show from Anet.

  • Still bugged as of june 13 2019..this is insane!!! this issue needs to be adressed ASAP since this is the main story quest. Being stucked there is extremely frustrating.

  • this issue with the tower not being destroyed is still there i have tried 5 times now killed everything on the map and still nothing this needs sorting this isnt the first time either i had this with almost everyone of my chars

  • SMH.... 2019, same issue.. REALLY? DEVS NEED TO COME OUT OF COMA

  • kitten why the kitten this bug still exists it's main story hello?

  • This bug still exists. I have had Tonn stuck on the second tower twice and the first tower once so far today. I've gone through and cleared the zone twice before starting the escort but I must be missing a mob or something because it's still hanging up.

  • Same bug for me. Tonn stuck after detonating the second tower. He's responsive to greetings, and gives a brief dialogue, but will not move.
    Can't see any Risen stuck in either of the two tower wreckages though.

  • So, just to keep this thread going, the bug still exists. I killed the resistant mob at the first tower but the group got killed in the meantime and Tom is stuck. I will have to restart it because I've killed everything and it still doesn't work.

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