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Pink Noise - Na Based

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Pink Noise - We’re a group of random friends that have played with each other for over 3 season and looking to grow with a few others. We believe in getting better and learning through practicing with others. Pink Noise was founded by Trunks Ouk who was the co owner of CS from a while back who helped sponsor a few tournaments a year ago. Pink Noise is looking for Gold + players looking to learn, and grow as players in order to help them maintain a plat rating level without an issue at all. If you are interested or have any other questions feel free to Msg me.

Rules In Order to Join PN:

1: Must be able to rep PN
2: Must be in Gold at the very least
3: Must Join Discord and Have a proper working Mic/headset in order to talk and listen.
4: Be respectful to members on discord/in the guild (don't bring any of the ego drama bs into discord)
5: MUST be able to practice and Show up for in-houses AT least Once a week at the very least.
6: Must be able to take criticism and possibly record some of their game plays IF possible.

If any of those rules don’t work for you then please don’t waste my and anyone else's time, Goal is to have fun, learn, improve and get better with a small group of friends. If you can understand the goal and sounds like something you might want to be apart of feel free to join :).

Add Zoopop.5630 in game for any information or questions.