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Current state of Ele WvW solo roaming options?

Since FA tempest just got a hefty Nerf through lightning strikes I'm wondering what options remain for roaming.

S/D water/arcane/Weaver sustain builds still viable? What kind of stats to run. How do the rune changes mix things up. Do rune of speed help keep the Weaver sticky?

Will we see a resurgence of some core/tempest build? D/D, D/W?

Any help or resources greatly appreciated


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    Just like in previous year. You can still run whatever you want, but you have no kill potential unless you're fighting dummies. Whether it's core d/d, FA scepter (staff) weaver, sw/d water weaver, sw/f lightning rod, tempest d/f lightning rod... Nothing really changed in build diversity since PoF, your options are limitless, but performance is severely lacking.

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  • dang that's disappointing to hear

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