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Regarding druid spec viability

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According to snowcrows condi druid is viable, but its not even listed in discretize, how come?
It says on snowcrows both support druid and condi druids are viable.

Even says on discretize that support druid spec isn't on benchmark, and jumps to a build from 3 months ago on soulbeast on discretize.

Here is my list of characters i got so far:

Elementalist 80 with tempest:Talman nul
Necromancer 80 with reaper:Zex vokar
Mesmer level 80 no chrono yet:Klanga voosh.
Level 80 Ranger with druid spec Jedkhan.


  • Because the context of each build is different. In most raid encounters players get damaged unavoidably over time. Druids happen to provide sufficient healing while providing might consistently to 10 players so they typically get used there. I haven't played fractals recently so I wouldn't be able to comment on what typically gets used now, but I suspect it's because many attacks in fractals are avoidable (and there are other options for providing might and fury to a group of 5).

    However, keep in mind that the viability is based on the opinions of those speed clearing groups. For groups focusing on consistent clears rather than speedrunning (which will be the majority), Druids can still be useful to recover from minor errors or provide crowd control.

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