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Deadeye DJ queue and Stealth on dodge question

ferbz.6987ferbz.6987 Member ✭✭
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Has anyone experienced a delay in DJ queue? Before today's patch I was able to immediately queue a DJ as soon as I dodged and then fire the DJ for quick finishes, not it is feels delayed and clunky missing a lot of kills - I have to click DJ again all this for at least a second is what it feels. May also be that stealth seems to be delayed just by a fraction right after dodge. Might be my latency but somewhat doubt it. 1 second yes might not be enough but reality it is the difference between a kill or you death.


  • Yes. I traited stealth on steal and this is also a problem when I mark enemies and press DJ, it either doesn't fire and I'm kneeling there for no reason or I get revealed by the auto attack instead of sneaking in a DJ right after auto attack fired off but not landed yet.

  • MUDse.7623MUDse.7623 Member ✭✭✭✭
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    if you want to use your DJ right after dodge or your stolen skill while malice is above 5, you can just hold the key you have binded DJ to. both prevent you from putting skills into the queue the moment you start using them as they are putting you into stealth.(probably has something to do with the autoattack option to prevent selfreveal)

    stealth on mark from hidden thief however is different. that stealth is applied after marking. but marking doesnt prevent you from putting skills into the queue, wich also doesnt change when picking hidden thief. so when you mark with hidden thief and already use your '1' during cast, you will fire a normal Brutal/Deadly Aim revealing yourself (when far enough you may queue up a DJ while Brutal/Deadly Aim is midair).

    A minor QoL that i would like to see is to prevent skills being put into the queue during Mark when selecting hidden thief, to have more cosistency and prevent selfreveals. another option would be to apply the hidden thief stealth earlier during the cast or at the beginning, so you can queue up a stealth attack instead of a normal AA.