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Season episode maps


Please make the other season episode maps as good of a grind as domain of isran. Please make the maps populated and so we have Some variation in the grinding. Please anet.


  • mindcircus.1506mindcircus.1506 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Reducing Istan rewards would have the same effect and be simpler for the devs to do.

  • Yes I am kind of sick of the whole Istan hype, it for so bad that new players come into the game and ask in their home city how to travel to the "Domain of Istan" because they read that they absolutely have to go there because it is the holy grail of making money ><
    Why bother with learning class, gameplay, lore, playing stories or discovering the game, lets just go to Istan and spend our game with only making money.

    YouTube “L2villagejester”.
    People using belittling wording like whining/qqing" are not taken seriously by me
    Same for people posting only to tell others not to post (“deal with it”-posts)

  • Well atm i dont see grind partjes af other ls4 maps. So its not balanced.
    Why make maps if no one is in iT? Anet if you dont do an expac Please make the other maps good to grind. We have Some variety

    Always good to do other stuff like lore as you said

  • LucianDK.8615LucianDK.8615 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, Istan seriously needs to be put in line. the gold potential is way out of whack.

  • Khisanth.2948Khisanth.2948 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Nerfing istan would move people out and maybe make it as dead as other LS maps but it would not change the situation much.

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