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Help Q.Q - Just got back.

Riley.8620Riley.8620 Member
edited December 27, 2018 in Professions

First of all, sorry! English is not my native languague, so you already know what to expect.
At the moment I have a Ranger, a Necromancer and a Thief level 80, but in reality I don't like none of them. I used to like Ranger in PvP and I pretend to keep playing with it, but now I aiming for a main to play WvW's, Conquests, Open World, Raids and Fractals.
I don't have too much time to play nowadays so it would be good to have a solid profession that even getting nerfed still playable. And yes, I already tried to play with what I think I would like the most and as I said above, that didn't go well.
Thanks! <3

PS: I have HoT and PoF DLC's.