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Need a 4th, want him as a raider...

Hello misters and ladies!

Soo, I have just today unlocked my 6th char slot. 2 of them are just bankers full of stacks.

I want to have a option for raids.

I have a ranger, zerker. I have a guardian, "soldier". I have a necro, "viper". I would prefer a profession and kind of gameplay diferent from these three (diferent from full dps, tank and full conditions )

All of my chars use greatsword soo I woukd prefer one option that doesnt need greatsword in raids.

My ranger uses greatsword and longbow, my guardian greatsword/wand+focus and my necro uses a 100% raid build, greatsword reaper elite specialization and that little weapons (scepters+ daggers I think?)

Only did one raid unlocked fully, the mursang one. Did all the little escort raid.I was soo happy for doing those I actually gave 50 gold to the guy ghat invited me.

My raid knowledge is as bad as it guets, except for guardian vale guardian. Tried it soo many times with all kimds of squads, I actually eventually winged it

Full masteries unlocked.

My personal fractal level is 59, my knowledge of fractals, rotations and boss mechanics was superb before any expansion (I have soloed mai trin as a guardian in a 50 fractal years and years ago) but any new fractal or fractal changes I am still praticing (meaning I am rusty but willing to learn).

My 6th char will instantly have level 80, all core skills unlocked and acess to full ascended armor and weapons (and probably most ascended acessory also, I am a hoarder)

Dont really know what to ask more here...soo... any suggestions in a professions, weapons, builds, ascended "stats" (sage, celestial...?)

Apreciate in advance any kind of answers,


  • Cyninja.2954Cyninja.2954 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited December 22, 2018

    First, it makes sense to start somewhere, but realize this:

    • if you limit yourself to 1 role, class, build, etc. you are effectively reducing the compositions you can be taken on in
    • most people tend to start with a damage dealer. Given you have a berserker ranger, if you familiarize yourself with power ranger builds and gameplay, this could be your go-to power dps class
    • soldier guardian is useless (assuming you were referring to the gear). Making alterations here would provide you with another build. Firebrand support potential is very good at the moment
    • as such I would recommend you go for a condition build (even if ranger can be built as condi). If you are fond of warrior I would recommend condition warrior (which can function as banner slave too)

    End result would be power ranger, support guardian and bannerslave/condi warrior with not to much effort.

  • Belorn.2659Belorn.2659 Member ✭✭✭

    I would choose between three different roles, depending on how much time you want to invest in learning a complete new gameplay.

    1) Chrono mesmer. Hard to learn, hard to master, is its own unique raid gameplay. Start doing off-chrono but if you want at some time do wing 5 you will need tank gear (which is nothing like guardian "tank").

    2) Druid healer. Very hard to learn and hard to master. Since you already have a ranger it might sound like a duplicate, but druid have a unique gameplay and share nothing really with dps.

    3) Banner slave warrior. Easy to learn, medium to master. Plays a bit like DPS (condi for condi bs, power for power bs), but is a unique gameplay since you will be responsible for CC and banner placements.

  • Talindra.4958Talindra.4958 Member ✭✭✭✭

    What kind of role do you like to play? Are you more a support person or you want to do big damage? :P Check out snowcrow website on meta professions. Read more about boss mechanics etc.. it will help you decide what character you want to prepare..

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  • Thank you all misters and ladies!

    This is what I do...

    My ranger was already close to a soulbeast... soo I got sword+axe, removed my longbow and put her with traits and skills ready for raid. Soo now thats a extra option.

    My "soldier" guardian will stay the same because neither dragonhunter neither firebrand come close to the gameplay I have with him atm (he is a core guardian in soldier gear with scepter+focus and greatsword)

    My necro is more focused in a raid build atm, "vipers" and reaper specialization, this time 100% raid builded, with the rigth traits that I didnt had.

    My 4th its not decided yet, the more I read, the less I am sure about... loved how people told me about the chrono healer necro... loved the people that told me to do a warrior banner... love the ideia of a mesmer supplrt...soo I am still not sure.

    I wanted something that wasnt really a zerker, a soldier or a vipers build...I also didnt wanted the same profession twice (meaning no necro, no ranger and no guardian)... still not sure...