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Slow download speed


I might not have the fastest internet connection in the world, but my download speed usually allows me to download files at the rate of up to 10 mb/s. This is not the case with Guild Wars 2, which I tried to reinstall today. The fastest download speed I've seen so far was around 300 kb/s, but the average speed is around 30-50 kb/s (download speed also drops to 0 KB/s from time to time and sometimes I'm required to restart launcher in order to make any progress). At this rate it's going to take me full week to download the whole game.

I tried adding "-assetsrv" to the shortcut with different patching servers, but there was almost no difference (I know I did it correctly, because when I've messed up IP at one time it wouldn't download anything). I also deleted GW2 appdata folder, but nothing has really changed. I know this game has lots of tiny files to download and it does affect overall speed, but I don't remember it ever being this slow!

Do you guys have any solutions? Steam and other online gaming platforms allow me downloading games at full speed, so I doubt this issue is related with my internet provider. I'll leave the game to download for the night and I'll keep you updated if anything improves. I don't have high hopes tho, because for the last 6 hours it barely had any progress.

P.S. Ofc I did restart my modem few times. Same thing with the launcher and my PC.


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    You can test your speed by downloading a larger sized file. Here's Gw2-64.exe from your normal patch server and the primary server:

    If you get the speed you're expecting from the first, trying different servers isn't going to help.

    For deleting files, you also want to delete the cache; there may be a few of them:

    GW2's download speed can be misleading, since it stops downloading to process the files, so if your CPU or disk is being maxed out, it will take longer pauses, resulting in a slower speed. Ensure the CPU and disk usage isn't at 100%, and that there's no anti-virus/security software actively monitoring GW2, as it'll have a bigger impact due to GW2's many files. Alternatively, you can try booting into safe mode with networking enabled to patch the game, which will disable most non-essential programs (WindowsKey+R > msconfig > boot > safe boot + networking | undo this to return to normal).

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    edited December 31, 2018

    I've got much faster download speed from the second link (tried three times, just to make sure). Should I now write "nslookup" in CMD and check again each server IP adress? I've also deleted cache files.

    I did safe boot + I wrote command line "nslookup" in CMD for server files as opposed to assetcdn with DNS. Picked one of the IP addresses there and it's now downloading at 1-2 mb/s. Big improvement. Thanks for help. :3

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