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Inscribed Shard Refund

My son and i have been working on getting the last mount and i accidentally just now consumed the 50 i had. i thought it was a currency because of the nature of u needing them to buy one of the items for the mount. Am i able to get this reversed please it just happened. Thank you.



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    You’ll have to submit a ticket to support as this cannot be done over the forums. No guarantees that they can even do this though.

    It’s fairly easy to obtain 50 shards by doing the hearts on a few characters. I think three of them can be quickly done and don’t require you to fight anything. If you have teleport to friend stones, you can port a newly created character to the map with them using the LFG.

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    Question: Isn't account sharing against the EULA?

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    Working together does not necessarily mean Account-sharing. My guildmate and I work on many things in GW2 together. We don't share accounts, only the experience (and I don't mean XP).
    Also, I don't believe ArenaNet actions any accounts shared between family members, or actually anyone else (with the exception of PvP tournament stuff). What they may do, though, is refuse support.

  • Please do submit a ticket to the Customer Support Team so that they can discuss this matter with you. They will not reach out as a result of a forum post -- you must initiate a dialog with them. Thanks and good luck.

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