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The Oil Floe - Is it supposed to be that difficult?

The northern map meta seems easy enough to work with once you get the special action skill with a handful of people using it together.

The southern map meta seems REALLY overbalanced, seeing as you have to guard each node from attack. Unfortunately it would appear that the scaling is way too harsh, as having any more than 5 people at a node to protect it makes the mobs super-level, often 3 levels above. Not being able to effect repairs yourself, and having a key piece of a few different achievements gated behind the event's success, seeing it fail over and over again for 6 hours tends to rub someone's nerves a little raw. What is the proper makeup of a group to get the event done, and how many people are supposed to be there for it, if not the whole map, or even a small squad?


  • Yep souht nedd 3 groups for defend the 3 spots but it's difficult because often there is just 1 tag and when there is more tag many player dont split.

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    I think the only really challenge to that one is when the hydra shows up.

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    Had around 10 people on each oil pump yesterday, seemed extremely easy. No communication in map chat or anywhere either, not even a commander. We just ran there, few people stayed and the rest moved on. As always, Raptor engaging the enemy groups and quickly bursting them does the trick. The hydra literally died in 9 seconds for us lol

    Same with the legendary at the end. It got to like 80% and suddenly dropped to 30 in 2 seconds idk what happened there.

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  • I haven't seen it fail yet and there were tons of people at each location.

    On each occasion, one tag took lead and explained in advance and repeatedly that folks had to split up, which tag remained where, and which tags continued the escort. People split up pretty well, even though it was clear that most weren't running high damage/high-control builds. There was also a fair bit of rezzing anyone who was down, although that had nothing to do with the commanders.

    The hydra forms its own special challenge. On 2 occasions, the commander asked a group to stay behind (although not sure if they checked or not); they did this in advance and repeatedly until the beastie spawned. On the other two runs, the commanders did not ask, but those were in the last 24 hours, so maybe enough people knew to be ready for it.

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    The only fail i saw was day one, but the map was empty and no one was doing anything except story understandably. Since then, it seems to go smoothly as long as each pump had about 10 people ish. Would have liked the boss to have some mechanics that were noticeable after it gets branded. All i saw was flashing special effects as it dropped in under a minute.

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    First time I tried the south meta it failed because the champ branded hydras bum rushed the drills. Ever since then I wait for the second drill to get repaired and then immediately focus on those hydras, even running from the first drill to the second. The rest of the branded are manageable.

  • So far I've had good luck with groups splitting up. When I first observed how the event mechanics worked I was concerned everyone would follow the miner and leave the drills unguarded. But the few times I've gone through the event people have split up as needed. Pleasantly surprised.

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