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Osborne is missing.

For the last 3 weeks I have noticed that the chain of events he spawns in Wayfarer Foothills has not appeared.


Playing the PvE scene because WvW is just "BAD"...


  • Loosmaster.8263Loosmaster.8263 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Osborne has been found!!!

    Playing the PvE scene because WvW is just "BAD"...

  • His event chain may be one of those ones that needs a minimum local population of players. (There are several of these in Queensdale, notably the one with the guy taking his webbed-up friend to get help.)

    @Biff.5312 said:
    Exercise your whimsy.

  • Loosmaster.8263Loosmaster.8263 Member ✭✭✭✭

    It's always been there regardless of map population. I've seen it even when it appears I'm the only one on the map.

    It also didn't spawn during the Maw or even during Zone Defense with a lot of people there.

    He may have just went on vacation!!!

    Playing the PvE scene because WvW is just "BAD"...

  • Or, the map reset, which usually resets stalled events. :)

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