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Voice of Miner Mikhail - Give this comrade a award.

This is definetely one of my favorites NPC currently. Not only the lines with all the jokes among the talks of freedom, but also the voice itself is great. Whoever voiced this NPC is not a Rat-Faced bag of Wrinkles.

Job well done comrade. My the spirit of revolution continue to burn with a ceaseless flame.

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  • Annette.6278Annette.6278 Member ✭✭
    edited January 12, 2019

    I wanna say a special thanks for the voice of NPC Sergei. This accent or manner of the speech is great. You really got how it typically sounds with russian/soviet background! (I'll listen intently to figure out if these voices are maybe the same)

    And a huge thanks to all voice team. You did a great job as always!

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