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Network Errors during zone change

Hi there!
I can't login into the game with my main character for past 2-3 days.
This week i started to experience Network Errors when changing zones in game with different characters. Now, it seems that I can log in and change zones with my other chars, but I can't log in into my main char after I left him in Dredgehaunt Cliffs zone.
When I try to log in I recieve Network Error with 5:11:3:159:101 Code. I've never experienced that before since the launch of the Game. I tried rebooting the PC, rebooting the router, re-installing the game, deleting AppData, launching the Game with prefreset. Nothing helps.
Can anything be done here please?


  • Hi, i've got same error. I tried -maploadinfo tag and now i know that this error happens when i connect, while map loading, to addressCurrent If that IP in new loadable location = error. Write to support as i do, maybe we could find the way out with them. Sorr my eng

  • Cool, I'm not the only one. I did write to support. The first answer was to use the -prefreset - but it didn't solve the issue. Waiting for other ideas.

  • For now i'm just collect data from different source and send them. Try -maploadinfo to see what ip ruin your game, you could see that on map loading screen, addressCurrent. Ofc it could be something else not a server, just interesting.

  • thanks for the tip. In my case addressCurrent is But I don't thnik iI really understand the meaning of this. I'm totally not an IT expert :)
    Will send it to Support

  • I've switched maps over to verdant brink earlier today and the client stopped working. Decided to do some other things and try again later. The client crashed 5 consecutive times after I tried logging into the verdant brink map. I don't understand what the issue is, but I hope this gets fixed ASAP

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  • I found the source of my problem. Ip of map servers and even site Ip was blocked by my provider. I checked it with CMD command. You could try, cmd,write "tracer" (no quotes) , like you say " In my case addressCurrent is". Then you will see 1 2 3 4 5 6 with descriptions, if it changes to "Number" * * * * it mean, that previos "Number" with descriptions like, for example," 8 13ms 16ms 12ms [IP] ", thats your error point. You take that "[IP]" and go to some site where you could see where is that ip locations and who owns is. Hopes it helps you and hopes you understand what i write with my perfect english;)

  • I helped solve the problem of vpn Tunnel Bear.

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