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Dragonsblood focus deed#3 bugged

The three deeds for the dragonsblood focus collection "Chasing Tales: Asaliea the Channeler" are:
Chasing Tales: Storm's Eye - Defeat the temporal storm elemental in Thunderhead Peaks.
Chasing Tales: Locus of Power - Use a focus to slay 30 enemies in Thunderhead Peaks.
Chasing Tales: Torrent of Magic - Defeat 30 enemies while wielding a scepter and a focus at the same time.

I do not know which of those three is actually deed #3 for the purpose of this collection, but I have all three achievements and deed #3 is not checked, so for the time being the Ascended Focus is blocked for me.


  • I did Storm's last and I didn't get an update on the Channeler achievement. It might just be whatever we did last isn't registering with the achievement.
    But yeah, same, and it took me awhile to figure out where a Temporal Ele was and when I finally killed it, nothing happens.
    This has been so frustrating for me.

  • Just ran into this bug myself. Upon closer inspection it turns out that, according to the achievements panel, both the achievements Chasing Tales: Storm's Eye and Chasing Tales: Torrent of Magic reward the same item, Chasing Tales: Storm's Eye, upon completion.

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    @ShipaifulJackol.5318 Ah, yes, that would explain a lot. If I had to make a guess I would say that it was Torrent of Magic that did not reward anything while for @BriBriPuff.6087 Storm's Eye did nothing. If they both award the same checkmark for the collection that would be consistent with both of these findings.
    At least it looks like something that would resolve itself once the bug is fixed. :)

  • Can confirm it is indeed bugged, i wonder how that made it past the Q&A team.

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  • Probably a simple copy and paste that wasn't tested thoroughly. Wonder what kind of unit testing they have for these scripts.