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Elder Dragon Mentality

I wasn't sure whether to post this here, but I need to know. In this episode, we learn that Kralk saw a happy future without its presence and got angry. This indicates that it, at least to some degree, cares about the state of creatures such as humans. This humanization of the elder dragons is distinct from the view of them as forces of nature. Would it be possible to know why and/or when this direction was decided upon? We already had powerful humans to contend with ala Joko and Balthazar, so would it not have been more interesting to have the elder dragons as existences that themselves would barely even register humans in their thoughts? Imagine the feeling of toppling a foe that doesn't even notice you. With Zhaitan, we saw its minions take interest in human affairs, but this was not necessarily indicative of Zhaitan being directly interested(rather, it could have just been hungry). With Mordremoth, we could attribute its human mentality to its connection to the Sylvari. Essentially, they were the poison to end Mordremoth. With this release, however, I don't think there's a way of explaining this away. With this, the elder dragons are just like humans.


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    It simply means that he doesn't want a world where he doesn't exist. He wants to preserve his own life, it doesn't really mean that he cares about anything else.

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  • I wouldn't say "Elder Dragons are just like humans"; closer to being evil gods with draconian bodies, in all honesty. Though anything given a vocal personality of any form will inevitably have people going "they're being humanized!" because to us in reality, humans are the only thing with vocal personalities, and it's humans writing the personalities anyways.

    Jormag has been primarily taking willing converts, rather than enslaving like other Elder Dragons, and focuses on converting folks with promises of power. This marked him as far more interactive with mortals than even Mordremoth, really, and long before Mordremoth's reveal.

  • Yeah, that a good thing and would be interesting to know why Elder Dragon just attack mortals, except if it's for power but if it's to consume magic, perhaps they can do without necessarely kill everything around, might be interesting to have a view why they just corrupt/kill everyone, after perhaps for minion but otherwise...I don't really see the reason.

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    Mordremoth was also pretty sentient during hot.

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