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No new Guild Hall decorations

With the release of "All or Nothing" we did not get any new decorations, even the Beetle Racing update introduced ramps.
I would have liked especially Glint themed crystal decorations.
This looks like a missed opportunity for a new currency.

Was there no time for it as it was being worked on by the same Episode team?
Will we get anything a bit later before the next episode?


  • Vash.2386Vash.2386 Member ✭✭✭

    Yes I was also disappointed to not see any new decorations. I’m hoping that maybe I just haven’t found a merchant for some as yet. Fingers crossed!

  • hugo.4705hugo.4705 Member ✭✭✭✭

    What they should have done since the start of living season 3/4 is adding a new tab to volatile/unstable magics collectors called "Map themed decorations" having 3-5 decorations related to the current map. The fact is, they should have a specific team for that, we underestimate the number of players interested by decorations, as the guild architect, more we have, better the guild hall is.

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  • The whole branded crystal aesthetic is straight up my alley, would have loved to have some big chunks of crystals in the guild halls

  • Its the very first thing I do after logging in at every patch. Searching the guildhall, guildtab and patchnotes for anything guildrelated. Was disappointed this update.
    Resonance crystals or some of those spears for fun throwing would have been an awesome decoration.

    Im still hoping for anything other than decorations. Even if its just small QoL updates like hugo says..
    Anything other than deco's hasnt been updated since july 26 2016. When they added anthems.

    I will keep on dreaming.

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