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Locked out of completing hidden Dwarven treasure daily

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I opened 4 hidden chests along my way through the plate puzzle rooms in Thunderhead on my engineer without noticing it was a daily. After getting the final treasure, I left the map and swapped to my ranger. Then I noticed the daily achievement at 80%/4 of 5 chests opened. Unable to do anything about it with my ranger, I swapped back to engineer. I had hoped the 15 minutes or so of Light of Deldrimor buff/special skill were still there, but it seems that leaving the map or swapping had removed it. Now I appear to be stuck with a daily that is 80% done, and absolutely no way of completing it.

I certainly had a part in getting myself into this situation, but the design of this plate/puzzle system and its relation to exploration seems likely to put others in the same mess. The only reason I was using my engineer for the treasure room puzzle was to get into the purple/graveling room to unlock its POI. Being annoyed at not getting a purple plate, I parked the engi in Noble's Folly and resumed playing on ranger. Then I realize that not only did I fail to get the POI I was after, but I was now also blocked from completing a daily.


  • The 30 minutes on the LoD effect continues to countdown, regardless of whether you're playing.
    There remain a variety of ways to get the PoI, so you're not "blocked" from that (just inconvenienced).
    And the daily reward is very modest, so while it's annoying to miss out on it, it shouldn't set you back much.

    I think the LoD timer is intended. While there are bugs associated with the puzzle that can slow or prevent completion without help from a mesmer, it seems otherwise reasonable to have a limit on how long you can look for treasure. I'd hope they'd increase it, but I think it's okay if they don't, too.

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    I know I'm not completely blocked from getting the PoI today, but the daily is certainly shot.

    I was not aware of LoD's timer continuing to countdown on logged out characters, but I'm pretty sure I cleared it myself by leaving. I'll test it later, but I think I should still have had some time left as I swapped back to my engi fairly quickly.

    The time limit on LoD seems to be enough to get all the treasure in the plate rooms you're able to access that day, plus a good amount of leftover time to long gauntlet area. Making it last longer, maybe even till reset, shouldn't really matter much as long as the chests can't be opened more than once daily. Either way the time limit isn't really a problem, but it continuing to countdown on logged out characters is just disrespectful of players' time, and out of line with most other buffs. I would hope that behavior is not intended. We should be able to log out and return later without having the game cheat us out of completing things.

    Missing out on some daily rewards isn't a big deal at all, but it's still a bit insulting when that situation is the direct result of poorly thought out PoI placement in relation to the other mechanics of the area. If it wasn't so inconvenient to get that PoI, I wouldn't have even considered the "waste" of the plate by just using it on the character was already playing.

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    I must have been away from my engineer longer than I thought, because I couldn't replicate LoD removal by leaving the map or character swapping. But I can confirm that the timer does indeed continue counting down even while not on the character with LoD.

    So once you turn in a plate to get LoD, it's 30 minutes no matter what you do. Definitely not the behavior I would expect from an item you can only earn/use once daily, that still has a trade value of 6-7g, and is the key to the only guaranteed source of a new material.

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