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bomb kit apperiance

can you update it devs? much appreciato

it really looks bad on flashy human females
actually human female is worst race and gender for engi class sadly


  • Why not try charr male for engineer then? Should be a good fit!
    But that aside, the new appearance has been considered a step up from the old "hobosack" backpack. What would you suggest to change the bomb?
    Personally, I'd keep the shape, but give it a metal casing, or maybe make it look like a satchel charge? I mean the bomb kit tries to be a neutral container that can hold five different explosive formulas, so the model has to remain somewhat neutral, but the stereotypical "bomb" look is currently taken by the grenade kit which looks like 1800s infantry grenades.

  • Agreed OP. I play Asura and every time I switch into one of my kits I wonder why a race that is so technologically advanced is using bombs/grenades/etc that look so crude and primitive. I really wish Anet would update these with maybe racial specific graphics.

  • xiao.2614xiao.2614 Member ✭✭

    i mean its not that ahrd to make decent looking bomb kit maybe with less wood and cahnge character pose of holding it

  • I remember when they made the change with the kits being held in our hands, and not on our backs. As well as the change to mortar kit. They said that the skins would be placeholders, since the mechanical change was to be done right away. Then later on they could update how the kits looked. But that never happened :(

  • xiao.2614xiao.2614 Member ✭✭

    i would prefer kits on back tbh
    anyway its less ugly than flashy human female holding in hands and then doing squats for doing dmg by placing bombs
    so kitten

  • xiao.2614xiao.2614 Member ✭✭

    hey devs, make bomb kit apperiance version 2019 pls

  • ^^^^ check this post. devs. tahnks

  • just trying to push those views! so devs see it

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