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R3D-RCR and MN-4C3

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MN-4C3 => MEN ACE = menace

Here is what I think, R3D-RCR isn't part of Inquest, like the inquest assistant at Rata Sum docks or within mount maelstrom "The stychs".

It's simply an under-cover whisper agent which has stolen Warehouse defense golem blueprints. Why?
-> We never saw awakened Inquest fighting along us, but the pact or orders yes. That way, I suspect that R3D-RCR used to give DERV plans to the pact.

Her golem MEN-4C3 is maybe a hint? What if it was the opposite, she is spying the pact for Inquest?

Omg! Just invert words!
Probably nothing...

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