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[Proffesion Assist] Help me find the right profesion to play with!

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Hello, i would like to first off THANK YOU for stopping by and reading my worthless discussion ( as it doesn't give anything to anyone but mere-self :_: ) and i know its being asked alot, and i'm really really sorry, but i can't keep up like this!

I've being playing for 5 years Guild Wars 2, tried all the professions from the ground up without instant level boosts, leveling them up and going everywhere on Tyria, even completing for each character the world map, doing dungeons, events, story again and again and i still couldn't choose what i like to play as a main.

I'm sick and tired of keep switching like crazy, and i would like to ask others and get a second opinion about what they think of my play-style, for what professions could really suit my needs so my mind can stay at ease and enjoy the game finally.

Also, please note that I don't want to be an altoholic, its just not me, so please do not tell me to do that :P

I would like to ask you with the briefing below, what you guys think that is the right profession for me on Guild Wars 2?


Game Mode: PVE/PVP/WVW - everything the game has to offer pretty much! All the content!

What is my preferred play-style:

  1. Always up in the front-lines of the battle
  2. Love to get in the way between the enemy and my ally and get the hit instead of my comrade
  3. Like to buff others!
  4. Specialized in melee/ranged combat ( but melee as priority )
  5. Being the tank ( which that states that i love heavy armor and being survivable and have some kind of aggro/taunt ( which i know in guild wars 2 this barely exists.. ) )
  6. Have at the very least decent damage ( not below or above other classes, at the very least in the middle )
  7. As much as possible AoE Attacks!

What is -NOT- my preferred play-style:

  1. Have a pet
  2. Being a magic user ( don't like much sparkles, religion themed, supernatural powers and such )
  3. Being squishy ( glass cannon as they call it )
  4. Attack from the back-lines ( middle is acceptable )
  5. Being a Healer ( as of being the guy who you will shout about 'heal us already!" )
  6. Being Stealthy ( being invisible and attack from behind )

_You can always list more professions than one, from most suited to least suited!
Example: "( Most Suited ) Mesmer > Ranger > Guardian > Necromancer ( Least Suited )" etc! _

by any means, if you have some more things to say about each class, its nice to know about even the tiniest of details about their pros and cons and why even you think it suits me!

PS: i'll be looking closely your messages once they appear, do not wait for me to respond till i gather enough information and give it some thought!

THANK YOU again for reading this!


  • I think Firebrand best fits that criteria.

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    Can you at least state game mode because it makes a huge difference when it comes to elite specs and their roles in groups?

    So far it seems like something between guard, mesmer and necro, but they are all kind of magic users.

    edit: it's also worth mentioning that protecting and buffing usually comes with heals. The only exception in game is pve warrior who buffs allies while focusing on personal damage. It doesnt do any protecting nor tanking without focusing on heals (and theres at least 5 builds that are better at that role than warrior).

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    Played for 5 years and with the list... imo you already made up your mind there.

  • Rodrick.1942Rodrick.1942 Member ✭✭✭

    Definitely Firebrand

  • It might scream firebrand, but they are flashy and got magic.. in the end it sounds more like a core warrior :)

  • Kuulpb.5412Kuulpb.5412 Member ✭✭✭

    Obviously a Shout warrior, then Guardian in general

  • @Kuulpb.5412 said:
    Obviously a Shout warrior, then Guardian in general

    My thoughts exactly. At first I thought Firebrand 100% but then I got to the cons list. Firebrand hits 2/6 of your dislikes so then it's the warrior for you my friend!

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