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ARC dps and build templates

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Well, we will not get dps meter or build templates so i use the arc dps. I presume its allowed.
But now i have a new harddisk and i tried to install gw2 arc dps and it wont work anymore. Arc dps wont let me start the game and crashes.

Some tips to get this working again?



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    Arc is not supported by Anet so this is not the proper place but arc often has issues with crashes after a patch. You just have to wait for an update to come up (usually 1-2 days after a patch). Until then just remove the dlls.

  • its just sad anet not even making an arc dps or build template. the latter was even in het first game if i recall correct...

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    You might need to update something on your machine... Check the error code you are getting and look on the arcdps site for the appropriate action to take. Mine is working normally.

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